Live Thread: Cavs @ Pacers


The Cleveland Cavaliers are playing in the notoriously difficult arena (at least for them) Bankers Life Fieldhouse as they face off against the Indiana Pacers. The good news is that the Cavs saw Kevin Love return to the court, if only for six minutes. The bad news? The Pacers seem to be playing just fine in the face of losing Victor Oladipo for the season. Love will presumably still be…


Recap: Cavs 92, Pacers 91 (or, Tips for Winning)


This is officially getting spooky. I mean, a Tuesday win over the also rebuilding Atlanta Hawks in Cleveland was probably an even money bet, even if it was the first one of the season. A second Tuesday win, over a visiting Charlotte Hornets team? Okay, it could be chalked up to coincidence… or even the tide pod inspired City uniforms. But, a third Tuesday win… on the road… against one…


Live Thread: Cavs vs Pacers (Home Again?)


Well, the Cleveland Cavaliers are 0-5 to start the season. While no one likes a loss, the losses at home against Atlanta and Brooklyn were particularly upsetting. It’s frustrating when your team doesn’t show up for the home crowd. I don’t predict tonight will look any better. The preseason showed us that this Pacers team is like the big brother version of what the Cavs want to be. They do…


Playoff Podcap: Cleveland 105, Indiana 101 (or, The Association’s Best)

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After an exhausting, maddening, thrilling, nail-biting series, the Cleveland Cavaliers emerged victorious over the Indiana Pacers in a series that saw Indy outscore the Cavs by 40 points over seven games (courtesy of two blowouts). LeBron James proved that he is simply the best basketball player on this planet scoring 45 points on 72 TS% while adding nine rebounds, and four steals. The wine and gold got a very unexpected…


Playoff Recap: Pacers 121, Cavs 87 (Or, The Beginning Of The End?)


It was Deja Vu all over again. LeBron James came to Bankers Life Fieldhouse hoping to eliminate the Indiana Pacers from the postseason for the fifth time in seven seasons. While the Cavaliers had won an NBA-record 13 straight playoff series-clinching games, this Cavaliers team was far different from the ones we’ve seen the last few seasons. There is no “Big Three,” and with Kevin Love struggling on offense throughout…


Not A Playoff Recap: Pacers 92, Cavs 90 (or, How To Disappear Completely)


After playing one of their best halves of playoff basketball, the Cavaliers chased it with one of their worst. Despite building a 17 point lead in the first 24 minutes against the resilient Pacers (who looked a bit shell-shocked at first in their return home), and holding them to a mere 40 points with some of their most inspired defensive efforts… the Cavs pulled the ultimate disappearing act in the…


Podcap: Cavs 100, Pacers 97 (or, Idolos Del Aire)

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LeBron James went all Top Gun on the Pacers in Game 2, scoring 20 points in the first quarter and 46 for the game to lead the Cavs to a victory that wound up a little closer than it should have. In the end, Cleveland evened things up with the feisty Indy squad and their “Iceman” Victor Oladipo. The Cavs supporting cast didn’t wash out as much as they did…


Recap: Indiana 98, Cleveland 80 (or, Wha’ Happened!?)


Well, I don’t think many of us were expecting that. Gone were the Cavs’ gaudy regular season stat lines with scoring up and over 110, and instead lay an 80-point stink bomb that started smelling from the minute that the Cavs took off their warmups. The Cavs were unprepared, didn’t respect their opponent, and failed to compete throughout the afternoon. In a game that echoed many of their nights of…


Recap: Indiana 97, Cleveland 95 (or, Pushing the Car)


Cleveland came out and blew the doors of the Pacers in the first quarter, dominating them like Richard Petty for a 34-12 beatdown. The Cavs lapped them with relentless defense and forceful offense. Sadly, the Wine and Gold, on the second night of a back-to-back could not sustain, and relaxed towards the end of the second and let the Pacers back in the game. In the early third, defensive lapses…


Recap: Indiana 106, Cleveland 102 (or, Vic’s Revenge)


I’m sure that Victor Oladipo has a long list of people who’ve wronged him: Russell Westbrook, Scott Skiles… Up on that list would be the Cleveland Cavaliers who passed on Victor to take the worst No. 1 pick in NBA history. So Vic seems to get up for playing the Cavs, and get up he did, scoring 33 points, grabbing eight boards, and dishing five assists in 31 minutes, including…


Live Thread: Cavs vs Pacers


This Friday night is a show down between the 18-7 Cleveland Cavaliers and divisional rivals the 14-11 Indiana Pacers. Bankers Life Field House is one of the hardest arenas in the League for the Cavs. Every time LeBron and the Cavaliers travel to Indiana the games are tough. This iteration of the Pacers should be no different. Since trading Paul George to the Thunder, Victor Oladipo has acquitted himself quite…


Recap: Cavs 109, Magic 103 (or, when you wish upon a star)


Like a 35-year-old substitute teacher with braces, I missed my Disney window (4-8) as a child, and the first time I experienced the “Happiest Place on Earth” I was already dripping with an oppositional defiant disorder against all forms of authority.┬áJust before I relocated back to Ohio, I went to Disneyland and had an absolute ball and a biscuit. There was so much I didn’t appreciate about my first Disney…