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Cavs Sign Sasha Kaun to 2-Year Deal

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015


The Cavaliers off-season bench bolstering locked in one of its final pieces Saturday with the signing of Sasha Kaun to a two-year deal.

The 6-11 Kaun was the 56th overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft by the Seattle Supersonics before his rights were dealt to the Cavs for cash. Kaun, though, never donned the wine and gold choosing, instead, to play professionally in his native Russia for Euroleague power CSKA Moscow. Last season, Kaun averaged career highs with 9.9 points and 4.5 rebounds while playing 20.1 minutes per game.


The Point Four-ward: In (Con)Tract-ion

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015


Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers…

1.) It has become almost commonplace to say that LeBron James never stops surprising. For all the highlights, the masterful performances, and even this season’s Herculean Finals run, he’s just one of those players who can still surprise. He can surprise, in spite of how much more surprising his feats must be than those of other players. He can surprise, in spite of our judgement of him being set so ridiculously high.

This summer has been no exception.

No, LeBron hasn’t come out with a surprise on the scale of Summer 2014’s “The Return,” but in smaller ways, he’s proven just as difficult to anticipate.

Take, for example, James’s stance on the Tristan Thompson contract negotiations. First, when it was widely expected that James, who shares agent Rich Paul with Thompson, would wait for Thompson to come to terms before signing his own contract with the team, James did the opposite. On July 9, the first day that NBA free agent contracts could be signed, James informed the team that he’s be back on what amounts to a one-year $23 million deal (the deal’s second year, is a player option for $24 million).


Pop Quiz: Around the NBA

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015


Our second day of testing finds the CtB classroom at near capacity.

The Cavaliers blipped back onto the NBA’s near-silent off-season radar yesterday with the report that Tristan Thompson’s agent Rich Paul said that, should the Cavs and their restricted free agent PF/C fail to reach a long term deal — meaning that Thompson would sign a one-year $6.9 million qualifying offer and become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2016 — next season would be the popular player’s “last year with the Cavs.”

CtB’s writers — with our trademark prescience — chimed in on the Thompson situation in yesterday’s pop quiz. So today, it’s on to the rest of the NBA:

1.) True or False: The Lakers, as Kobe Bryant predicted, will make the playoffs.


Pop Quiz: Cavaliers Off-Season

Monday, August 10th, 2015


August is a terrible month for concentration. Amid all of your trips to the beach, gastrointestinal conundrums like this nestled beneath unassuming tents at the state fair, and attacking your “before summer’s over” bucket list with the precision of a drunken surgeon (which, really, let’s be honest, is just a much longer list of g.i. ticklers… like any one of these), it can be difficult to keep focused.

But the 2015-16 NBA season kicks off in a mere 11 weeks, so there’s no time for us here at CtB to laze about and get the mental version of a paunchy tummy (physical versions… well, that’s another story). We need to stay mentally sharp — on the ready.

In the absence of an ESPN-affiliated drill instructor to kick in our CtB barracks door at 4:45 am and make each one of us recite LeBron James’s career shooting percentages with five seconds or less on the shot clock for games decided by exactly three points while running uphill carrying a Mo Williams jersey filled with rocks, well… we opted for a quick pop quiz instead.

Feel free to play along and match your own off-season Cavs mental prowess against our crack team of writers. Or… you know… start looking for rocks for your Mo jersey.

1.) True or False: Tristan Thompson will be re-signed by the end of August.


The Point Four-ward: Room for Improvement

Thursday, August 6th, 2015


Four points I’m thinking about the summer workout plans of the Cleveland Cavaliers…

NBA fans often bemoan the summer’s later months, the ones that find our steady intravenous drip from the hoops-related news cycle almost entirely pinched off. For the players, though, the desert-like days spanning mid-July through mid-September are the only time of the year where the spotlight of fan and media attention is turned off — with some players retreating further from that light than others… of course. Some may focus on spending this time with their families. Others take lavish vacations to decompress and recover from the grind of a long NBA season. But, eventually, at some point during the summer they get back into the gym and work on their games.

With the NBA landscape gone radio silent, here’s what I’m hoping four Cavaliers are working on with all the diligence (and, hopefully, the effectiveness) of a Rocky training montage.

1.) Timofey Mozgov: The left-baseline jumper.


The Point Four-ward: Harris-tanbul (Not Constantinople)

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015


Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers in Summer League…

1.) It sure was nice to see Joe Harris finally shake off… well, whatever he had to shake off in order to get the ball to go in the hoop. Harris “exploded” for 13 points, 10 of which came in the fourth quarter and overtime, as the Cavs Summer League team clawed its way back from a 21-point deficit to notch a 94-87 OT victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. Harris had been a combined 4-20 from the field (1-9 from three) through the Cavs first two Summer League contests, so seeing him nail 4-8 from deep against the Bucks seemed to indicate that the second year swingman out of Virginia can actually do what the Cavs will need him to do if he is ever going to crack the regular season rotation.

It wasn’t just Harris’ shot that gave Cavs fans so little to hope for when thinking about the future of the team’s 2014 second round pick. He was also a -12 and -14 respectively in his first two games before leading the team with a +21 in Monday’s match-up.


The Point Four-ward: Roster-farian

Friday, July 10th, 2015


Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers…

1.) We all knew it was going to happen.

But, when LeBron James re-signed with the Cavs for one year at $23 million (and a second year, a player option, at $24 million), a collective sigh could be heard across Cavs Nation. It wasn’t a sigh brought on by anticipation, it was a pure sigh of relief: relief that James wasn’t going to drag out his contract negotiations forever leaving the Cavs in an even relative limbo.

No more stories about how James planned to wait until last to re-up with Cleveland, putting symbolic pressure on the organization in their attempts to upgrade a roster that, even when greatly depleted, got to Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Now it’s official: James will be a Cavalier again.

6-On-6: Free Agency Edition

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

This year’s NBA Free Agency period has been unlike any other with bags, bushels and Brinks trucks full of cash being handed out to literally anyone and everyone who can navigate a roundball. And the biggest name hasn’t even signed yet, let alone begun to negotiate his deal with his hometown team. Fortunately for the Cavs, in contrast to his two previous stints as a Free Agent, LeBron James is in full on “chill mode.” LBJ has the luxury of kicking back with his pals in the Bahamas, content to wait to see how many untold millions his Klutch Sports co-client, Tristan Thompson, can furiously pull down like so many offensive rebounds.

Still, plenty of other names, both big and small, have cashed in on the pre-cap-explosion extravaganza, and while many have been content to stay put, several others have made for greener pastures. For this supersized, “cash money” edition of 6-On-6 (in the spirit of Free Agency, why go 5-On-5 when you can get one more?), we discuss the best fits, the worst fits, just how explosive the Canadian Dynamite situation is, whether the Cavs can afford any more swish from J.R., who else they might shake out of the woodwork with CavsDan’s tree of money, and (per Nate’s suggestion) get creative on how the Haywood contract could really be used…


Podcast Episode 73: Free Agency 2015, the Summer of Money

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

While waiting for the Cavs to sign Tristan Thompson, Robert, Tom, and I hopped in the podcast booth to discuss the negotiations, Mo Gotti, the Haywood deal, Gerald Green’s missing finger, and the offseasons of the Cavs’ Eastern Conference rivals. Also, Tom rants on Reggie Jackson’s $80 million dollar contract. Enjoy.

You can listen above, on soundcloud, or on iTunes.

The Point Four-ward: Live Life and Let Griffin

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015


Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers…

1.) One thing I keep coming back to when looking at the Cavs roster with their bevy of free agents, both restricted and non, and a couple of preferable, if not glaring, holes to be filled before the team tips off their new season around Halloween 2015: if I can predict it, that probably means it’s not going to happen.

I’m not talking about the obvious moves here. I’m not talking about whatever deal the team gives to Kevin Love… or Tristan Thompson… or LeBron James. Those are all likely to happen and they’re likely to happen in one of only a few different ways.

James will (most likely) sign another two-year deal featuring a player option for the second year that will allow his Highness, The King, to continue to maximize his maximum contract status as the salary cap grows over the next several years.

Of course, he could sign elsewhere. But not really.

Or he could sign a multi-year contract. But, again, not really.

James will, as expected, remain a Cavalier… a fact that, admittedly, would have been quite unexpected to imagine writing at this time last year.