Recap: Atlanta 111, Cleveland 108 (or, Vinced & Burked)


This was a fun one, Cavs fans. Cleveland battled back from an 11 point early first quarter deficit to tie the game, only to be done in by missed free throws, bad execution, and an inability to rebound as they were edged out in the final minute by Vince Carter and the Atlanta Hawks. Vinsanity was in the air in Atlanta as the 41 year old Carter turned back the…


Recap: Atlanta 133, Cleveland 111 (or, Stink-tion Level Event)


Right now, the Cavs are arguably the worst team in the NBA. The Atlanta Hawks were ranked 29th in the NBA by ESPN’s preseason power poll, and despite missing a starter and two rotation players, the Cavs just gave them their first win. While the 30th ranked Kings won, the Cavaliers lost resoundingly to a team they were favored to beat by eight. To make matter worse, the Cavs rolled…


NBA Draft 2018 Podcap: Adding A Young Bull

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After a slight flurry of activity early in the NBA Draft Lottery, the Cavaliers wound up with the guy they claim they were most impressed with from the start… Alabama guard Collin Sexton. If you were worried about the mixed reviews on Trae Young… he was gone by the fifth pick (to Dallas… who traded him to the Hawks for Luka Doncic). If you had doubts about Michael Porter Jr.’s…


Live Thread: 2018 NBA Draft (#DoYouFeelIt?)


I’ll admit it… my heart’s just not in this draft. Not because there aren’t a ton of terrific young prospects to choose from, even at the 8th spot where the Cavaliers find themselves… but because I’m finding it hard to enjoy it with the ever-present spectre of another LeBron James “decision” looming over it. With such a disparate group of players potentially available (from bigs to smalls to every swing…


Competitive Psychopath: A Collin Sexton Story


After the Cavs netted the Nets unprotected first round pick in the Kyrie trade, I slowly began wading in the 2018 draft prospect waters. The undertow of finding a longterm replacement for Uncle Drew organically pulled me towards the point guard prospects, and that’s when my curiosity with Collin Sexton began. Sexton’s high school highlights blew me away. He attacked the defense as if it he was a bail bondsman…


From Distance: Value in Size


Four point play… 1. The house I grew up in is not of the typical cookie-cutter design that mostly permeates Mentor, Ohio. It was built in the early part of the 20th century by a somewhat amateur architect with a penchant for international flair. As far as I know, he made four houses in all. Diagonally across our little boulevard, a beautiful Tudor sticks out like an incredibly healthy thumb….