From Distance: Grit Goes North


Well, that was fun? Jonathan Simmons, a 2020 Thunder first round pick, and future second rounder. That was what the price for the 2017 number one overall pick, Markelle Fultz. What an abject disaster.


The Road to Contention, Part III: LEEEROY JENKINS!


I know. This title dates me. The 2005 World of Warcraft video that documented Leeroy abandoning his guildmates and crashing headlong into the fray only to result in the slaughter of his guild, is however emblematic of the type of teambuilding the Cavs could engage in: a win now, and win at all costs mentality. This is the kind of strategy the Knicks embraced in building around ‘Melo and Amare…


Podcap: Cleveland 116, Minnesota 108 (or, Lost Love, Wills, and Puppies)

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The Cavs held off the hungry Wolf pups Tuesday night in a high scoring battle that saw Minny shoot 49%, and Cleveland edge them out by shooting 51%. For the T-Wolves, Andrew Wiggins put on a show, scoring 41 on 29 shots, and adding a three boards, two assists, and a steal in 41 minutes with zero turnovers. Karl-Anthony Towns added 26, Gorgui Dieng 12 and 10, and Ricky Rubio…


5 on 5: Offseason Edition


If you listen to many NBA beat writers, they’ll tell you that there really is no offseason anymore. The marathon regular season is followed by the marathon postseason, which is immediately followed by the NBA Draft, free agency, and before you know it, training camp is right around the corner. Even your NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers will have many decisions to make. Which free agents do they decide to keep?…


An Open Letter to Earl Joseph Smith, III

Dear Earl, I have two words for you… I’m sorry. I don’t know if you’ve already heard this mea culpa sentiment from other former doubters, haters or pessimists, but I for one can say in all honesty that I completely misjudged what your impact on this team would be from the start.


Cavs: the Podcast 0051 — Decision Eve?

With all the hyperbole, rumor, and silliness floating around, Tom and I went in into the broadcast booth to talk about LeBron and his options. Who’s whispering in his ear? Will he return to Cleveland? Have the opinions of random Northeast Ohioans who have tenuous affiliations with the King reached a critical mass? Will Pat Riley pull off another miracle? Who else could the Cavs add? What if our hopes…


Trade Deadline Rumors

Well, there’s barely any time left, and the NBA Trade Deadline will have soon passed. The Cavs don’t have much going on this year, but let’s take a look at some rumors: Jason Lloyd reported that the Cavs are trying very hard to get another first round pick, one way or another. Sam Amico reported that the Cavs were approached by the Lakers about Daniel Gibson, but talks stalled. He…


Links to the Present

Lots of links and goodies await. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. – The Cavs have discussed trades involving Marreese Speights, but don’t seem interested by the picks being proffered thus far. I’m all for trading Speights if a 16-22 type pick can be had. But as every NBA fan (and Daryl Morey) knows, you can never have enough picks/young players. – Greg Oden is putting the…


Trade Machine Fun

With a couple of slow days for the Cavs coming up, let’s have some fun with the ESPN Trade Machine! I spent some time kibitzing around with the Machine, and came up with a few potential trades. Trade #1 Anderson Varejao and Jon Leuer to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Kendrick Perkins, Jeremy Lamb and Toronto’s lottery pick. (Explanation of the pick’s protection) This trade has a real shot…


Disappointed by Casspi trade?

Omri Casspi’s start to the season surely has some questioning the trade that brought him here. I came across a handy website that could make you feel better (in addition to a future first round pick and J.J. Hickson only shooting 39.7% from the field this year). According to one statistical method (regularized adjusted +/-), Hickson was: The NBA\’s worst player in 2011 4th worst in 2010 3rd worst in 2009 And just for…