The Wood Shop: The Corner-to-Corner, Coast-to-Coast, Cool Cav Club


There’s a new club in Cleveland. It started right after the Cavs demolished Boston. I’m not in it. You aren’t in it. LeBron James isn’t even in it. It’s called The Corner-to-Corner, Coast-to-Coast, Cool Cav Club. 7C for short. It has just one member, and his name is Cedi Osman. He hails from Turkey; and in the past three games he has averaged 12.3 points while shooting 59.1% from the floor…


The Wood Shop: Kyrie Learned Himself Some Defense


During the Finals, a lot of talk was focused on the quality of Kyrie Irving‘s defense. Kyrie is typically not a great defender. He gets stuck to screens. He will watch the jumbotron instead of his man if his man doesn’t have the ball. What’s more, he has a bad habit of letting a guy blow by him and then blaming the help defense for not rotating quickly enough. Kyrie is…