From Distance: Twins?


four point play…. 1. The Cavs now have a season long losing streak of seven games. Honestly, it feels much shorter than that. I guess compared to the joy that was the Cavs’ 26 game losing streak in Post LeBron Volume 1, this little seven game skirt is nothing but a minor setback. Let’s be honest. The Cleveland fan base has more than enough training to get through a single…


From Distance: A Preseason Hogdepodge


Points I’m thinking about the NBA… If October 17th’s season opening game against the Celtics feels oddly early, it’s because it is. In case you missed it, the league thankfully shortened the preseason to allow for an earlier start of the regular slate. The change was effectively enacted to eliminate any four game in five night gauntlets. Having given the players a schedule break, Adam Silver and the NBA were…