From Distance: The Spurs and Thunder Break Brains


four point play…. 1. Every week, before sitting down to write, I do a last minute NBA news check to see if anything interesting has happened the night before. The answer this week? Yep! When I clicked over to League Pass, I saw a final score of 154-147 in favor of the San Antonio Spurs over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Excuse me, what?! I closed my writing tab and watched the…


The Point-Fourward: Forget Business Casual, It’s Vegas (And Cedi Osman!!)


Four points I’m thinking about the NBA… 1. There are few basketball events as multi-faceted as the Summer League. NBA executives are rocking Vegas casual, e.g. polo shirt, khaki shorts, with optional team logo, seemingly on vacation. Many are legitimately relaxed having done the majority of their work in the first days of free agency. The others reek of desperation as they frantically try to organize rosters that their June…


Talking Cavs with Mark Neal

  Every Thursday I chat with my friend Mark Neal, host of the Dayton’s Sports Scene radio show. In this episode we discuss the Spurs game, the Cavs upcoming schedule, and the early returns on the 2014-2015 season.


A Grumpy Man and No Untouchables

Make sure to go read Robert Attenwieler’s “Point Four-Ward” from earlier today. Play his recreating the 2007 Cavs Finals roster game. LeBron might be just like a grandpa at the age of 29. He’s griped about Kyrie Irving not getting assists, the team lacking focus, and guys not playing good defense in less than a four week time span. Now, he thinks he’s playing too many minutes. Joe Vardon of the Northeast…


6 Deep: Coming into Focus

1.) Your favorite NBA finals moment was? Tom: Ginobili’s dunk on Bosh.  Had I been in San Antonio I would have rushed the court.  Before security could get to me I’d have run up to Bosh to say “good job, good effort!”  I’d do LeBron’s push-up dance as I was being hauled off.  Maybe sneak an elbow to the nuts on Ray Ray in revenge for Varejao.  #neverforget Ben: Manu’s…