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Live Thread: Cavaliers at Spurs

Thursday, March 12th, 2015


The wine and gold visit San Antonio, looking to follow up on an impressive win Tuesday night in Dallas and push their record to 2-0 on their current four game road trip.

There’s never any shortage of intrigue when a LeBron James-led team faces the Spurs. Whether you’re flashing all the way back to the 2007 Finals or have more recent memories — the Ray Allen shot, the Spurs dissection of the Miami Heat in last year’s Finals, Kawhi vs LeBron — this is a match-up with some meat on its bones; one that might be a bit more than just “the next game” for the Cavs star forward. Even with James’ notoriously short memory, he only needs to look back to November 19, 2014, to when these two teams met in Cleveland, to find some extra motivation. That game ended with James dribbling the ball off his foot in the final seconds before he could even attempt a shot and the Cavs fell to the Spurs 92-90.


Southwest Division Preview

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Editor’s note: This is the final installment in our series of Division Previews for 2014. In case you missed them, here are the previews for the Atlantic, Southeast, Central, Pacific, and Northwest divisions.

The Southwest is the best division in the league. There’s not even close second. Last season, the division posted a combined 249 – 161 record (.607), besting the second place Northwest by a ridiculous 35 wins. The defending champion San Antonio Spurs reside here along with their playoff peers from last season in Houston, Dallas and Memphis. New Orleans, the runt of the division, isn’t too far from the playoffs themselves. The battle for divisional supremacy spilled off the court this summer, as three significant players changed teams within the division.



Tuesday, August 12th, 2014


Almost immediately after the Spurs celebrated the conclusion of their ethereal basketball symphony I found myself between flights in Philly – a three hour layover of infinite possibilities.  I searched frantically for uninterrupted charging stations to calm my insatiable device hunger.  When the juice finally started flowing, I decided to write the most passive aggressive knock on LeBron James definitive eulogy for the “Big 3” era of pro basketball.  I shelved it long enough for the Cavs to sign Kyrie to the Pepsi MAX, LeBron to make peace with NEOhio, and the KLove #WojBomb to detonate.  So now what?

Well, Howard Bryant wrote a similar piece in ESPN The Magazine (although he arrived at a much different conclusion) and I have not the fortitude to polish a hot mess while reconciling the central claim with the current situation.

But I’m skeptical about the Cavs dedication to patience.  And what the Spurs did was instructive to every team in the NBA.  So I’m going to prune and pick from the autosaved “Document 1” that’s been open for months on my laptop and briefly describe what the Cavs should learn from all this.