The Road to Contention, Part I: State of the Cap Address


My fellow Cavalier fanatic brethren. Several weeks ago, within the moments it took Klutch Sports to hit send on a press release, our team moved from that of a deep luxury tax-paying contender, searching for ways to maneuver around the cap, to one that is free of many of those tax constraints but is now searching for a way to contend. For those left wondering what options are remaining for…


The Point Four-ward: Dollar Dollar Bills, Y’all


Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers… 1.) On Friday, the Cavs and J.R. Smith agreed on a new four-year, $57 million contract, ending another preseason stand-off between the team’s front office and Smith’s agency, Klutch Sports. In the end, both sides can claim they got what they were after, as Smith will receive a reported $45 million in guaranteed money — quite a bump up from the $5 million…


Cavs: The Duels-Does Anderson Varejao fit?

Editor’s Note: After noticeable debate around the CtB water cooler, we decided to take it to the mat, and offer a full on tag team rumble over Andy’s fit on the Cavs. Cory and Mallory are the Wild Thing Doubters, while David and Nate remain faithful members of the AV Club. David Griffin’s state of the franchise press conference after the Cavaliers tumultuous 2013-14 season gave few definitives on the…