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Drawings From the Notebook of Chris Grant (episode 19)

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Unlike the NBA, CFAAP on is back on Cavs: the Blog, baby!

And – I think to prove a point? – I’ve decided to do my part in ending the lockout by posting a union and/or league executive on the cover of an ESPN: the Body Issue every week until this unseemliness is resolved. Because no executive wants to be caught with his pants down. Or completely naked.

Here is…

Billy Hunter’s ESPN: the Body Issue (located, while I continue pushing the envelope of appropriateness, at—where standards are low to non-existant.)

If you’re keeping score, we now have:

David Stern.
Billy Hunter.

Okay, moving on:

Just to see if we can’t begin a little debate here to keep ourselves entertained…let me start throwing some hypotheticals at you. (Along with drawings of naked old men, hypotheticals are my specialty.)


Assuming the Cavs team stays as presently constructed, and knowing what you know now…

What would you rather come out of the 2012 NBA Draft with?

A) Any one of Anthony Davis, Andre Drummond, or Harrison Barnes…


B) Any two of Michael Gilchrist, Quincy Miller, Perry Jones, Bradley Beal, Austin Rivers, James McAdoo or Jared Sullinger.

I lean strongly toward “A,” but I’d be curious to hear an argument to the contrary.

Happy lockout everyone — keep the faith that old men and hypotheticals will break the curse.

Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant (episode 18)

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Well, I’ve done it this time.

For the 18th installment of the arguably popular series, Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant, I made a cartoon that is not exactly ESPN appropriate.

It is appropriate though – our standards are significantly lower – and you can check it out here (carefully though, as while it’s not horrible horrible, it may be a touch NSFW):

David Stern’s “ESPN: the body issue” cover.

I’m trying to end the lockout.

Also, just for the sake of providing some on-site entertainment in this post, here are the notable lockout updates:

Remember two entries ago when I wrote that the beginning of the season would be cancelled if the framework for an agreement wasn’t in place by October 3rd? Well, it seems as though that deadline has been extended until tomorrow.

Here’s a pretty nice “State of the Union” article from the mother ship, basically reiterating that one way or another we’ll know something new within the next 24 hours.

Personally, I really want to see some basketball before Christmas.

This whole process has already cost us Yi.

How much more are we expected to take?


UPDATE (10/10/11): Apparently, quite a bit. Today, David Stern announced he’s cancelled the first two weeks of the season.


The picture at CFAAP was done by me and AJS.

Thanks for reading!

Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant (episode 17)

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

As you may or may not know, I have a loose deadline of every Sunday morning for these cartoons. This week, I may or may not have hit it. What happened was John and I were working on our new CBA and couldn’t come to terms until this morning. I now get 100% of Cavs: the Blog’s advertising revenue.

On David Stern and the NBA lockout:

This is getting serious.

Words like “monumental” and “deadline” are being thrown around, and that usually means that there’s some sort of monumental deadline on the horizon.

What’s the deadline for?

From what I gather, it seems the company line from Stern and the owners is now that this weekend’s scheduled meetings will mark the last attempt to start the season on time. Meaning that if we don’t have a deal (or substantial progress) by Monday, a 50 game season probably becomes our best option. There would be “a lot of risk” to not getting something done by the end of the week was Stern’s direct quote (via Brian Mahoney). That and, “there are enormous consequences at play here on the basis of the weekend.” You could call it a bluff, but in truth, it’s likely not. The first games are supposed to start in a month.

If you’re rooting for a season, the worst thing that could happen would be the sides emerging from this weekend without making any headway.

Because at that point the conversation will turn from saving the start of the season, to saving the season at all.


Thanks for reading guys! (As per usual, the above picture was done by the biggest Cavs fan at and colored by AJS…and the same goes for the one below, which came as a result of my playing around with the first pic and might even have turned out better.)

I think Stern should walk into the meetings this weekend and just slide that across the table. Provided Gilbert Arenas isn’t there, that’s what I think he should do.

And…want one for the Road?

Here’s an interesting Kyrie-tidbit published Saturday from new Cavs beat writer Tom Reed:

Irving has played just 11 games since last October in part due to a right foot injury — which doctors tell him won’t completely heal for another three months.

And, while he feels “150 percent” and is training with no restrictions, the NBA’s top overall pick in June is a player without a game. The league lockout has him parked at Duke, taking four courses this semester and working out twice a day.

Silver lining of the lockout right there. It sounds like Kyrie’s done a good job of letting his foot heal completely by taking a few months off post-draft (at the Cavs request), and I kind of don’t mind that he’s not yet dealing with the pressure to overdue it early on an injury that may be better off with more rest.

If the league’s first game is in January, I’m not sure that anyone benefits more than KI.

Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant (episode 16)

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Happy Sunday everyone! (And go Browns, should you be so inclined.)

We’re back with the latest entry of Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant, and sadly, today marks our third pictorial foray into the NBA lockout ripple effect. (For those keeping track, here are the first two: Barren NBA Website & the lonely NBA ball.)

Can we put an end to this already? Kyrie needs practice and the Cavs have to get their money’s worth for the one season Jonas Valanciunas is ineligible.

Is 50 games now the most likely scenario here? Even amidst the apparent reality that the NBA would be submarining itself during the upswing of a resurgence?

I honestly have no idea, but Brian Windhorst is tweeting pessimistically.

Not good for two reasons.

One—He’s usually right, and two—My birthday’s next week and the hottest place still open is Friendly’s.


(Picture by, colors by AJS.)

Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant (episode 9):

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Or, the NBA: Where Amazing Happened…

This ball is lonely.

A little backstory…

Two weeks ago, I first got the idea to make some sort of a promotional banner for the NBA lockout, and what I came up with was essentially a pictorially transcribed version of the page sans players as accordant with NBA lockout policy.

Basically, this is what happened:

What Happened.

It struck me as not my most visually enticing endeavor, and worse, for those looking closely, it also kind of outed me as a closet Eva Amurri picture hoarder.

So, for today’s episode of DFTNOCG (pictured above), here’s a more streamlined (slash less personally revealing) effort.

Happy lockout everyone. May this picture soon be dated.


Ryan “NBA TV should be free until this deal is resolved” Braun


Ps- Picture by Ryan and Aron at

Pps- Next week, as inspired by one of John’s recent comments, we’ll be traveling back to Ancient Egypt to take a peek at the lineage of a few of the Cavalier wings…