From Distance: Dallas Joins the EU


four point play…. 1. The NBA has given me much to be happy about over the last week. The Cavs have played passable ball on both ends of the floor winning the last two, Cedi Osman has finally connected his brain to his skill-set for an extended period of time, Matthew Dellavedova was mic’ed up (that’s all I have on that, that’s just fun), and the New York Knicks traded…


From Distance: Grumpily Taking on The Czar


Four point play… 1. I was excited to hear ex-Cavaliers coach, Mike Fratello, in the booth with Austin Carr and Fred McLeod Tuesday night. The Czar has a little more time on his hands this season without having to call the Brooklyn Nets games every night. He is a fun analyst, but more importantly, Mike was a perfect example of a coach who tailored his basketball strategy to his players’…


The Point-Fourward: Learning at Rest


Four points I’m thinking about the NBA… 1. The notion that one can learn while sleeping has gained a bit of traction recently. Research in the scientific community has shown humans to utilize the REM sleep cycle to rid the brain of superfluous information from the day. Basically, the brain has selective memory. Shocking. What is more interesting is that upon waking, test subjects have been able to more accurately…


Recap: All Star Saturday (or, Speaking of Flat…)


Well… that was deflating. After all of the fresh air that had been pumped into All Star Saturday Night last year, there was a sense of anticipation and excitement heading into the festivities for 2017 in New Orleans. What followed, however, was a slow and steady release of any sort of built up pressure as one lackluster event leaked into the next… sucking most of the air out of the…


Recap: Cavs 126, Knicks 94 (or, Flexin’ On ‘Em)


No, that was not a re-run of CSI: New York airing on ESPN last night. Although, what the Cleveland Cavaliers did to the New York Knicks might have resembled a crime scene. The Cavs strolled into Madison Square Garden yesterday evening and flexed their championship-calibur muscles for a national audience against a talented, playoff-bound Knicks squad. Both teams compared their collective biceps; the Cavs’ was bigger, and that could have…


The Point Four-ward: J.R. Swish(less)?

Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers… 1.) Monday’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers marked another bump in what’s turning into a rough early season for J.R. Smith. Smith exited the game with a right knee contusion after racking up two fouls, and going 0-1 from the field in just under five minutes of play. While the injury isn’t considered major — with Jason Lloyd reporting that the Sixers…


Pop Quiz: Around the NBA

Our second day of testing finds the CtB classroom at near capacity. The Cavaliers blipped back onto the NBA’s near-silent off-season radar yesterday with the report that Tristan Thompson’s agent Rich Paul said that, should the Cavs and their restricted free agent PF/C fail to reach a long term deal — meaning that Thompson would sign a one-year $6.9 million qualifying offer and become an unrestricted free agent in the…