From Distance: Face and Fashion of the Franchise


four point play…. 1. Kevin Love has matured into a handsome man. Most NBA bigmen weren’t exactly lookers when they were 15, but Kevin Love’s transformation is rather comical. I’m happy for the big fella, or shall I say the svelte fella. I frequently go back in time and tell my 14 year-old self that everything will be okay. You won’t always be so chubby, but enjoy that hair now,…


Tonight’s Starting Lineup For Your Cleveland Cavaliers….


Well, here we are in the dog days of summer as we wait for the return of NBA basketball. Most of us have been taking a needed reprieve from the often exhausting journey that was the LeBron 2.0 era. In a lot of ways, it feels like I needed this break as much as the players did. I’ve been recharging my fandom and my meter is almost back to full….


The Road to Contention, Part II: The Hinkie Highway


Greetings Cavs fans! We’ve been recharging our batteries, after a long Cavs’ season, and we hope you’re enjoying the summer as much as we are. Big news happened last week: the Cavs signed Kevin love to a long extension that keeps his rights with the Cavs until 2023. The Cavalier organization has been in limbo since LeBron’s LA exodus, and the signing should give some long term direction to a…


The Road to Contention, Part I: State of the Cap Address


My fellow Cavalier fanatic brethren. Several weeks ago, within the moments it took Klutch Sports to hit send on a press release, our team moved from that of a deep luxury tax-paying contender, searching for ways to maneuver around the cap, to one that is free of many of those tax constraints but is now searching for a way to contend. For those left wondering what options are remaining for…


The Curious Case Of Rodney Hood


On February 8th, 2018 in the final hours before the 2017-18 NBA Trade Deadline, the Cavaliers front office, namely rookie GM Koby Altman, took part in a series of trades that rocked the Cavaliers’ universe in what was initially a fresh and exciting fashion. In a combination of three separate trades, Altman rid Cleveland of Dwyane Wade, Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Rose, Jae Crowder, and unfortunately, Channing Frye. In return the…


What About Love?


As the Cleveland Cavaliers move into their second Post-LeBron Era, there are a lot of questions swirling around the team. How good can Collin Sexton be? Will Cedi Osman take a larger role next season? Can (and will) the Cavs move off of the contracts of Tristan Thompson and JR Smith? The most common discussion taking place is whether or not the Cavaliers should tear down the roster for a…


From Distance: Los Angeles Cavs


  four point play…. 1. When one makes bold predictions, one will occasionally be required to down some tasty crow. Last week, I whiffed badly on two substantial predictions: LeBron would stay, and PG13 would be a Laker. Oops. It happens. I know I’m not alone with those particular stances. As more information comes out post Decision 3.0, it’s easy to retroactively see all the “writing on the wall.” It’s…


Live Thread: 2018 NBA Draft (#DoYouFeelIt?)


I’ll admit it… my heart’s just not in this draft. Not because there aren’t a ton of terrific young prospects to choose from, even at the 8th spot where the Cavaliers find themselves… but because I’m finding it hard to enjoy it with the ever-present spectre of another LeBron James “decision” looming over it. With such a disparate group of players potentially available (from bigs to smalls to every swing…


Finals Game 3 Recap: Golden State 110, Cleveland 102 (Excuses are like…)


I’m already tired of the excuses. “They added Kevin Durant to a 72 win team…” “The Cavs don’t have Kyrie Irving.” “There’s no ‘margin for error’ against the Warriors.” Enough. The Cavs lost to Warriors Wednesday night, and the reasons people are offering for the loss are designed to protect their jobs, their egos, and their narratives. Terry Pluto offered this gem, “Can’t criticize team for this loss.” Of course…


Finals Podcap: Warriors 122, Cavs 103 (Or, Screaming Irrationally at the TV)

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After two disheartening losses to the Warriors, I’m almost left speechless. That didn’t stop me from hopping into the podcast booth with Nate Smith though to try and make sense of what’s happening right now. The Warriors picked up another win tonight. Kevin Durant grabbed a super efficient 26 points on 10-14 shooting while Stephen Curry hit a Finals record nine 3s to put up 33. Throughout the night, the…