Who Matters?


As if LeBron James leaving to join the Los Angeles Lakers wasn’t enough, the surprise firing of former head coach Tyronn Lue just six games into the start of the season is yet another indicator that the Cleveland Cavaliers have moved into a new era. While ownership and the front office seems to still believe this team should contend for a playoff spot, the vast majority of people that follow…


Live Thread: Cavs vs Pacers (Home Again?)


Well, the Cleveland Cavaliers are 0-5 to start the season. While no one likes a loss, the losses at home against Atlanta and Brooklyn were particularly upsetting. It’s frustrating when your team doesn’t show up for the home crowd. I don’t predict tonight will look any better. The preseason showed us that this Pacers team is like the big brother version of what the Cavs want to be. They do…


Recap: Nets 102, Cavs 86 (or, Triskaphobia)


Halloween isn’t until next week… but the Cleveland Cavaliers seem to already be suffering from a different brand of terror. No, triskaphobia isn’t the fear of watching Tristan Thompson’s futile offensive stylings (that would be triskaidekaphobia — fear of the number 13). It’s the fear of three… or in this case, threes. Bad things have come in threes so far this season. The Cavs were 0-3 before taking on the…


Recap: Minnesota 131, Cleveland 123 (Cedi’s you’s a balla’, but…)


Froggy Fresh and Moneymaker Mike here. Yeah, we’re bringing it back to 2010 for Froggy’s ode to Derrick Rose (still together!), Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah, the Bulls, and most especially we’re “talkin’ bout that man, Jimmy Butler.” Now the Cav’s all ’bout to get slaughtered Cause Jimmy Butler is your father Preach, Froggy. After a nice opening seven minutes that saw the Cavs up 13-21, the Wolves outscored the Cavs 56-28…


Live Thread: Cavs vs Timberwolves


The Cavaliers travel to Kevin Love’s old stomping grounds tonight to face the disgruntled Jimmy Butler and his pack of timid youths. After a rough first game for Love, I’m sure he will want to bounce back and have a big game against his former team. The Wolves, meanwhile, lost their first game to the Spurs in a tight 112-108 contest. The Cavs face a tough first two opponents in…


Podcast 182: Get Off My Lawn

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Thanks to Kyrie Irving being unable to keep his ungrateful, recalcitrant pie hole buttoned… EG went full Pestak tonight, dragging Nate down a rabbit hole of NBA rants. The Evil one gave both barrels to the Flat Earther about his recent comments about Boston “saving” him from the living hell that apparently must have been Cleveland for him. That vitriol spilled over into other topics like Jimmy Butler’s weird hold…


From Distance: Free To Be Me


four point play…. 1. Picking a team for pickup basketball is a science. There is that specific balance between getting to run all day and having to wait three or four games for another shot. One can’t be overly sentimental if one wants to own the court for the day. “Sorry Steve. We already have five.” Meanwhile, your fifth is actually whichever scorer that happens to lose the current game….


Podcast Episode 180: We Just Don’t Know

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This podcast started out with a fully triggered Tom Pestak ready to rant to David Wood and Nate Smith. Despite plenty to talk about in the world of basketball, the Cavs, sports, and culture, Tom’s ire was focused on a perceived slight towards CtB. This delved into a discussion of the state of Cavs’ media, and a realization that we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of CavsTheBlog this season. The topics…


From Distance: Face and Fashion of the Franchise


four point play…. 1. Kevin Love has matured into a handsome man. Most NBA bigmen weren’t exactly lookers when they were 15, but Kevin Love’s transformation is rather comical. I’m happy for the big fella, or shall I say the svelte fella. I frequently go back in time and tell my 14 year-old self that everything will be okay. You won’t always be so chubby, but enjoy that hair now,…


Tonight’s Starting Lineup For Your Cleveland Cavaliers….


Well, here we are in the dog days of summer as we wait for the return of NBA basketball. Most of us have been taking a needed reprieve from the often exhausting journey that was the LeBron 2.0 era. In a lot of ways, it feels like I needed this break as much as the players did. I’ve been recharging my fandom and my meter is almost back to full….


The Road to Contention, Part II: The Hinkie Highway


Greetings Cavs fans! We’ve been recharging our batteries, after a long Cavs’ season, and we hope you’re enjoying the summer as much as we are. Big news happened last week: the Cavs signed Kevin love to a long extension that keeps his rights with the Cavs until 2023. The Cavalier organization has been in limbo since LeBron’s LA exodus, and the signing should give some long term direction to a…