Preseason Recap: Indiana 106, Cleveland 102 (Or, Good Starters, Bad Finishers)

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Editor’s Note: Long time CtB fan Joshua Martin submits his first recap, tonight. Let’s give him a warm CtB welcome. I like the new modern look of the Indiana Pacers’ jerseys. My wife agreed as she was quick to chime in asking “why are the Cavs’ jerseys so boring compared to the Pacers?” Why indeed? The new look Pacers pushed the pace early and attacked on defense and sped out…


Summer League Winds Down


Editor’s Note, this originally was scheduled to run July 15th, but due to some technical difficulties is posting today. Thanks again, to CLF , who wrote this, for all his coverage throughout Summer League play. Summer League Recap 1: Lakers 94, Cavs 83 Thursday was the first night of the Vegas playoffs with the Cavs ranked Second overall. They ran into a buzzsaw in the form of the Los Angeles…


Summer League Recap: Cavs 91, Dubs 74 (or, Best of Nine?)

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Editor’s Note: Thanks again to CLF for recapping this one.

Tuesday night, I chilled with NOMAD on CtB and watched the summer Cavs own the summer Warriors 91-74.  The score is misleading, the Warriors were never in this game. Cavs are undefeated for the summer and were able to completely dominate two out of the three victories.  Here are a few observations.


Podcap: Cleveland 132, Indiana 117 (or, Threezus and Friends)

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To sum up: The Cavs let CJ Miles and the Pacers get loose in first quarter (70% shooting/36 points); got down by as much as 15; closed the gap to end the half; then came out and dropped 40 to 18 on Indy in the third; Korver went nuts (10-12, 8-9 from three for 29 points); Cleveland let Indy get within seven late in fourth then turned on the Threezus jets. Nate Smith…


Podcast Recap: Cleveland 124, Brooklyn 116 (or, a win is a win)


John Krolik and Nate Smith hopped in the podcast studio after this one. We talked LeBron (33, five boards, 11 dimes), Kay (9 points), Frye (8 rebounds!), Kevin Love (12 and 14), TT (12 and 10), and K.I. (28, four, and six). Most importantly we discussed James being the best player on the floor again +(22)! Yes, this was a lowly Nets squd that trotted out their B team, but the…


The Madness of King James


I’m not a shrink, and my title doesn’t refer to any mental illness on the part of the king, but boy does something make him grumpy in January. This year, James’ drama king controversies revolve around his apparent dissatisfaction with the roster. While it will probably blow over by March, It’s been the highlight of the NBA hot take news cycle the past few days. His rant after the Pelicans’…


Podcast Episode 118: Brooklyn Brooklyn (Recap) and Kyle Korver Dreamin’


Recap: Cleveland 116, Brooklyn 108 With the Big Three finally healthy, the Cavs traveled to Brooklyn to face the league’s worst squad. Cleveland handled their business for three quarters and then kept letting their foot off the gas, before popping the clutch into neutral as the Nets scored 40 in the fourth and kept the game interesting enough that the Big Three had to keep them at bay during garbage…


Recap: Cavs 94, Bulls 106 (or, Sometimes It’s Better To Take A Day Off)


LeBron James could have called in sick last night. Maybe he should have. With the other two members of the big three missing in action, and the flu bug hitting hard enough to force him to miss practice, it would have been an easy and acceptable decision by the King to take a day off. Instead, he chose to fight through his illness and try to gut out the Cavs’ last home game…


The Point Four-ward: Kay’s Konfidence, the Central Division, and Rondo Benched for Bulls


Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers… 1.) Most of the equations for explaining Kay Felder‘s effectiveness in the last two games goes something like this: 33 points in Canton + playing time with Kyrie Irving out = Confidence! But there could be an extra element to that equation: the scoring binge being put on this season by the Boston Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas.


Recap: Memphis 93, Cleveland 85 (or, Unfinishing)


After being absolutely spoiled over the last two seasons, we got to a painful reminder of what life was like before the LebrExodus, as The Cavs traveled to Memphis without LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love. The three superstars were left in Northeast Ohio for rest, presumably to help ensure maximum effectiveness for the Christmas Day match-up against the Warriors. Mike Dunleavy, DeAndre Liggins, and Channing Frye replaced them…