Recap: Raptors 126, Cavs 110 (Or, Raptor Food)


Sometimes throughout the course of a season like the Cavaliers are having this year, one can surmise fairly easily how the night is going to go without having to watch the game. It’s not that one is being overly pessimistic or has a lack of hope in their team, just that they are so overmatched that it is evident that short of a miracle, the game is going to turn…


Recap: Toronto 106, Cleveland 95 (or, Get Mean or Get “Sonned”)


Cleveland fought the Kyle Lowry-less Raptors and the officials Saturday in a game that saw Toronto take advantage of a Cleveland energy lull to go on a 21-3 run in less than six minutes of the mid third quarter. The Cleveland bench almost brought the team back, as they Cut a Toronto lead that had once been 21 to just six in the early fourth. The Claw (Kawhi Leonard) and…


Recap: Free Agency Fallout (or, Unfinished Business)


The theme of the NBA’s annual mad free agent dash this year was equal parts fast… and, “hey, not so fast.” News unsurprisingly started to leak out as much as an hour leading up to midnight… however, surprisingly (well, at least to Brian Windhorst and the folks on ESPN’s The Jump) the first big domino of the night not only decided to stay where he was, but did so with…


The Point Four-ward: Danny Goes Wine and Gold


Four points I’m thinking about the Playoffs… 1. After landing the top pick in the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery, the Boston Celtics are in a great position to improve their squad this off-season. With the Celtics already in this year’s Eastern Conference Finals, it would seem like a classic case of “the rich getting richer”. But for GM Danny Ainge, it provides a public relations conundrum. If an Isaiah Thomas…


Podcast Episode 115: Surprises and Disappointments

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Tom Pestak, Nate Smith, and John Krolik check in with a first quarter analysis of your Cleveland Cavaliers. Topics: biggest surprises and disappointments so far; the current rotations; the Liggins effect; J.R.’s blues; LeBron’s ever changing jumper; north/south Kyrie; Tom’s pillow talk; prepping for the Dubs; and so much more. We ask hard questions like: can the Liggins/Shump backourt work off the bench? Is James Jones consuming super garbage time powerups? Do the Cavs need another playmaker? Can Kay Felder develop on the Cavs? Who’s your garbage pile point guard of choice? Who would you trade K-Love for straight up? How much did Cleveland win the Wiggins’ trade by? Who’s da real MVP?


Recap: Cleveland 117, San Antonio 103 (or, Thrill KyLL)

Welcome to the Smith living room! We’re drinking a selection of Michigan’s finest beers left over from my yearly Michigan vacation, including Shorts Brewing, who just announced they’re going to distribute outside of the mitten, making us all the luckier. And, the CAVS are on. I’ll admit, I skipped all the pregame hype to enjoy KFC Nashville hot chicken. Beer, Chicken, Cavs, a running diary? What could be better? First…


Podcast Episode 82: January Nitpicking

As the Cavs near the halfway point of the season, we review their six game road trip, David Blatt, WWPD, the upcoming matchup against the Dubs, the swirling trade rumors, whether Delly is dirty, and so much more in this EPIC podcast. Join me, EvilGenius, Cory Hughey, and Tom Pestak as we engage in jokes, hyperbole, nitpicking, haymaker hot takes, and pugilistic debates about January games in this “championship or…


Recap: Cavs 95, Spurs 99 (or, Too Many Turnovers)

During the 2013 NBA playoffs, Spurs Coach Greg Popovich gave his infamous two word “turnovers” halftime interview with Doris Burke that nearly reduced the reporter to tears. It would have been hard to blame David Blatt if he just decided to take a page out of Coach Pop’s script and repeat that refrain for the primary culprit in last night’s Cavs’ loss to the Spurs. Sure, there were other contributing factors…


The Point Four-ward: Getting Way, Way, Way Ahead of Ourselves

Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers… 1.) I caught up with fellow Truehooper Graydon Gordian earlier this week. Graydon is Editor Emeritus of the Spurs’ blog 48 Minutes of Hell and this finally-August-hot September evening was the first time we’d talked hoops since the Cavs’ Hulked-Out off-season began. Possibly because I immediately demurred to his own loyalties (“There’s no way I want any part of the Spurs, should the…