From Distance: Wine and Fool’s Gold


four point play…. 1. “Fool’s gold” isn’t called “adequate substitute for those on a budget”. We use “a poor man’s… such and such” for that situation. I bring this up because it is easy to confuse the two when evaluating players. One can say, “Jordan Clarkson is a “poor man’s Lou Williams,” or that “Collin Sexton is a poor man’s John Wall”. One could say that. One would make me…


Recap: Cavs 113, Hornets 89 (or, On Any Given Tuesday…)


Fun fact… the Cleveland Cavaliers are undefeated this season on Tuesdays. They got their first win on Tuesday, October 30th against the Atlanta Hawks… and after last night, they have their second. Maybe we should rename it “Twosday” in their honor. The very good news, is that the Cavs ambushed what had been a relatively hot Charlotte team, and really never let up while stringing together four of their best…


Podcap: Oklahoma City 96, Cleveland 86 (or, Milquetoast Motivators)

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After trailing by as much as 16 in the early third quarter, Cleveland came all the way back to lead by two with six minutes left. OKC rallied to hold the wine and gold to just four points for the rest of the game while Dennis Schöder scored seven down the stretch to bring the Thunder the win. The umlaut finished with a game high 28 points on 19 shots…


Recap: Nets 102, Cavs 86 (or, Triskaphobia)


Halloween isn’t until next week… but the Cleveland Cavaliers seem to already be suffering from a different brand of terror. No, triskaphobia isn’t the fear of watching Tristan Thompson’s futile offensive stylings (that would be triskaidekaphobia — fear of the number 13). It’s the fear of three… or in this case, threes. Bad things have come in threes so far this season. The Cavs were 0-3 before taking on the…


From Distance: Lasting First Impressions


four point play…. 1. With Game 1 of the 2018-2019 NBA season in the books, it is time to make some sweeping conclusions. The Cavs will not make the Playoffs. -assertion confidence  70% This is somewhat of a 180 for me. I’m not sold and the 30% could grow considerably if Koby Altman is able to pull off a deal that would send Tristan Thompson, J.R. Smith and Jordan Clarkson…


Preseason Recap: Pistons 129, Cavs 110 (or, Waxed)


Dan Gilbert once famously offered the Cavaliers coaching job to Tom Izzo. Maybe he should have tried Wax Tom Izzo instead… On second thought, nah… too creepy. After seeing multiple cut aways to Austin Carr and others posing at the strangest wax museum in sports (which exists inside the Breslin Center on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing) during the Cavs’ preseason finale against the Pistons, I’ve…


From Distance: Free To Be Me


four point play…. 1. Picking a team for pickup basketball is a science. There is that specific balance between getting to run all day and having to wait three or four games for another shot. One can’t be overly sentimental if one wants to own the court for the day. “Sorry Steve. We already have five.” Meanwhile, your fifth is actually whichever scorer that happens to lose the current game….


From Distance: Breaking Faces and Rotations


Four point play…. 1. While I, like most NBA fans, am incredibly disappointed that Joel Embiid is out for the next two to four weeks due to an orbital fracture, there is a level of dark humor to be enjoyed. Poor Markelle Fultz has been the target of much scrutiny during his strange rookie campaign. His case of “the yips“, brought on by his mystical shoulder injury combined with Jayson…


Podcap: Cavs 118, Hornets 105 (or, The Fountain of Hennessey)

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On a night when LeBron James tied the “unbreakable record” set by Charlotte Hornets owner, Michael Jordan, of 866 consecutive games with at least 10 points… the real catalyst was a dude who’s been missing for a while. According to Larry Drew, JR Smith got inspired by playing with a labrador belonging to the North Carolina baseball team during practice this morning… but maybe, just maybe… he found the Fountain…


Recap: Cleveland 114, Chicago 109 (or, the Winning Wounded)


The NBA is a mess right now. Teams are falling apart with injuries. A third of the league is in a not-so-subtle battle to see who can be the crappiest. And players and coaches are in an almost daily revolt against officiating. Yet, 33 year old LeBron James grinds on. The aged bullfighter put up a 33-13-12 triple double in just under 40 minutes to lead Cleveland to a victory…


Barely A Recap: Clippers 116, Cavs 102 (or, Feeling Gray and Green)


I don’t know why Jeff Green is smiling… maybe he’s thinking about the green light Ty Lue has given him to aggressively jack threes with abandon… or maybe fantasizing about his next roller skating routine… or maybe he just loves any chance to wear his Orwellian gray “The Land” getup for a game. Needless to say… I am not smiling. Technically, I should be… even though the Cavs lost a…


PodCap: Cavs 112, Pistons 90 (or, Dead or Alive?)

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No, we don’t reference RoboCop in this PodCap, but he was from New Detroit… and the Cavs did clean up the Pistons the way Murphy shut down crime in that city… and Larry Nance Jr. did play like a cyborg for most of his first start at Center… and Tom, Nate and EG did spend an inordinate amount of time at the end of this long and winding pod playing…