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Fantasy Notebook 12/1: Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

Monday, December 1st, 2014


Last week, the NBA passed the one-month mark of its 2014-15 season. On the court, as well as on your fantasy roster, this is usually when you can expect teams and players to sort of round into what they are going to be the rest of the way. There will be blips on the radar — your Joe Harrises and your Zach LaVines — but, outside of occasional injuries and little ups and downs for your players, the players on your team are likely performing somewhere near a level that (one hopes) will continue.

This can make your waiver wire pick-ups seem a lot less appealing, since it’s unlikely that you’re going to find a solid, regular contributor in your constant scrolls through the list of available players than was possible in the season’s early weeks. Then, you could find a Tony Wroten (before his recent injury) or a DeMarre Carroll or a Robin Lopez — a player who is going to give you something predictable regularly. As we lower our expectations bar one notch lower, though, there can be spot pick ups who can really help out your team if you choose them wisely.

Now, more than ever, efficiency reigns supreme.


Links to the Present: Free Agency Edition — Updated

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014


Free agency has started in the NBA, so there is a lot of money that is being given out to players that may or may not deserve it.  Martin Gortat, a center the Cavs could have used, got a five year deal worth $60 million.  The pitbull defender, Avery Bradley, has been re-signed by the Celtics for a four year contract worth $32 million.  The guard who got away, Shaun Livingston, has gone to the Warriors where the details of his contract still haven’t been released.  And, of course, Kyrie Irving has agreed to a max extension with the Cavs. 


Update II: