The Point Four-ward: Surprise Me


As the Cavs prepare to kick off training camp, they are not a team without issues heading into the 2016-17 NBA season. They have yet to come to terms with their free agent starting shooting guard. Their back-up point guard may or may not be planning to retire (and, what’s worse, he apparently hasn’t made his intentions any clearer to the Cavs front office than he’s made them to you…


Disappointed by Casspi trade?

Omri Casspi’s start to the season surely has some questioning the trade that brought him here. I came across a handy website that could make you feel better (in addition to a future first round pick and J.J. Hickson only shooting 39.7% from the field this year). According to one statistical method (regularized adjusted +/-), Hickson was: The NBA\’s worst player in 2011 4th worst in 2010 3rd worst in 2009 And just for…


Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant (episode eight):

Last week, I promised a send-off to someone more deserving than Jonas Valanciunas. And here is it. Goodbye JJ… You will be missed. Signed, (to steal a Krolikism) A Hicksomaniac ………………….. ps-This picture was again colored by the inimitable AJS. pps- Check out for more drawings (though you guys have seen a number of them).


Drawings from Notebook of Chris Grant, (episode three):

Well, this turned out to be prescient. (I drew it last Thursday.) My non-pictorial thoughts—for the record: If I’m Chris Grant and I get the opportunity to add Derrick Williams via the 4/8 for 2 trade, I do it. I couple that sentiment with the belief that ultimately, Derrick Williams is not a 3 and thus he and J.J. would be in direct competition for a role that only one…