The Case Against Tyronn Lue


Ladies and Gentlemen of our CtB jury, JMKP and JMay bring you the following case against our oft-maligned head coach. This dynamic duo shall lay out their case with a series of one-two punches. The charges presented shall be harsh. Yet, Lady Justice shall stand omnipresent in this proceeding — and it shall be up to you, our CtB jury, to judge accordingly.  The Cavs need to relieve Tyronn Lue…


Recap: Los Angeles Lakers 127, Cleveland 113 (Ditherers)


Tipoff: Running Diary Format tonight. We’re live in the Smith living room at the tail end of a very long weekend that turned into a lazy Sunday night, Kevin Love is showing off the UCLA weight room that bears his name to FSO’s Allie Clifton, and I’m showing off a spiffy pair of Wine and Gold plaid PJs. 12:00 The Cavs are starting Nance, Jeff Green, LeBron, J.R. Smith, and…


Podcast Episode 160: Today Was A Good Day

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We asked for a magic bullet… We got an entire clip. Though Ice Cube might disagree… today was most definitely a very good day… especially for your Cleveland Cavaliers. Gone are Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye… and even Dwayne Wade. The incoming new faces are George Hill, Rodney Hood, Jordan Clarkson and the son of former Cavalier great, Larry Nance, Jr. Suddenly, the clouds that…


Recap: Magic 116, Cavs 98 (or, Not The Magic Bullet They Were Looking For…)


The hope this week for the Cleveland Cavaliers was that they might somehow discover a “magic bullet” trade to shake things up and possibly right their quickly sinking ship. Instead, they received another shot to the back of the dome from one of the worst caliber teams in the Eastern Conference… who were on the second night of a back-to-back… and who were missing two starters and a key reserve….


Cavs, The Duels: Dan Gilbert Edition


We haven’t had a textual duel here in some time, but the topic of Dan Gilbert caused more than a few furious emails between the CtB staff over the last week. On one side, Tom Pestak championed those who believed Gilbert was a unique figure who spent above and beyond what others could or would to win a championship and put the organization in a position to bring that championship…


Recap: Houston 120, Cleveland 88 (or, Denmark Rotten)


In a season of embarrassing performances, this one stood out as among the most joyless, dysfunctional, depressing home losses of any in LeBron James’ 11 years in Cleveland. It was obvious from the tip – as an anonymous commenter paraphrased the Bard – “that something really is rotten in Denmark.” On national TV against one of the top three teams in the league, the Cavs failed to put forth an…


Podcap: Cavs 91, Heat 89 (or, Napoleon and the Yeti)

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Talk about hard… this game was like Napoleon trying to win at Waterloo hard… like finding a yeti at the top of the mountain hard. Hard to play, hard to watch and hard to even recap in a reasonable amount of time. For 48 (thankfully only that) minutes which seemed like twice that (yet still shorter than this podcast), the Cavs and Heat took turns bricking threes at an insane…


Recap: Detroit 124, Cleveland 115 (IT’s a Shame, IT’s a Pity)

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The Wine and Gold suffered a demoralizing loss to the shorthanded Detroit Pistons, Tuesday. Not only did they lose the game in confidence-sapping fashion, but they also lost Kevin Love who broke his left hand early in the game and could be out a rumored six to eight weeks. The game was over when Isaiah Thomas checked in for Dwyane Wade with 6:29 left in the fourth and the Cavs’…


Link to the Present & Live Thread: Cavs @ Pistons


Happy Tuesday afternoon, Cavs fans. Hopefully your day has been relatively stress-free, because a very fantastic Cavs-related article released earlier today is probably going to make your blood pressure rise: this inside scoop written by Ken Berger of Bleacher Report. In the linked article, Mr. Berger draws from various insider sources to take a deep look at the current state of your Cleveland Cavaliers, pulling the curtain back on issues surrounding…


Recap: Cleveland 121, Detroit 104 (Or, Better Off Without You)


The Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off their second straight victory, defeating the Detroit Pistons 121 to 104. The score is a little deceiving as the scoring margin was much closer throughout most of the game. Luckily for the Cavs, Tyronn Lue made a rare good decision as he left his biggest defensive warts on the bench in the fourth quarter. It was clear the Cavs were better off without a certain…


Recap: Cavs 115, Pacers 108 (or, Quadrophenia)


It qualifies as dramatic understatement to say that the Cleveland Cavaliers have undergone a bit of an identity crisis this season. We’ve already seen the squad that stumbled to a rocky 3-5 start… then the one that ripped off 13 straight wins during an 18-1 stretch… and most recently the one that seemingly forgot how to play defense, dropping 10 of 13 contests while sinking like a stone in the…


From Distance: Questioning Value and Things


Four point play…. 1. On the nine hour train ride I had yesterday to Innsbruck, Austria, I went into a cryptocurrency internet deep dive. With literally hundreds of various coins to research and fantasize about, the nine hours actually went by pretty quickly. Obviously, the coins themselves have varying levels of intrigue. Unlike in yesteryear, these “coins” require more than an appreciation of metallurgy to fathom the lasting implications they…