Podcast Episode 160: Today Was A Good Day

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We asked for a magic bullet… We got an entire clip. Though Ice Cube might disagree… today was most definitely a very good day… especially for your Cleveland Cavaliers. Gone are Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye… and even Dwayne Wade. The incoming new faces are George Hill, Rodney Hood, Jordan Clarkson and the son of former Cavalier great, Larry Nance, Jr. Suddenly, the clouds that…


From Distance: Questioning Value and Things


Four point play…. 1. On the nine hour train ride I had yesterday to Innsbruck, Austria, I went into a cryptocurrency internet deep dive. With literally hundreds of various coins to research and fantasize about, the nine hours actually went by pretty quickly. Obviously, the coins themselves have varying levels of intrigue. Unlike in yesteryear, these “coins” require more than an appreciation of metallurgy to fathom the lasting implications they…


Cavalier Repair Manual (and Live Thread)


Well trade deadline season started early! There’ve been lots of rumors flying around the last couple days. The general consensus is that the Cleveland Cavaliers are broken, and while the front office can’t fix all of the Cavalier problems, they certainly can improve themselves. So welcome to Nate’s tune-up garage. The first step to fixing the Cavs is to admit they’re broken and to admit they’re not going to fix…


From Distance: Addition by Subtraction


Four point play… 1. The Cavaliers have now won five games in a row without the services of Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, and Tristan Thompson. Okay, you’re right. Shumpert played seven minutes against the Sixers. It was enough burn to give him an opportunity to orchestrate a wonderful zero pass, deep two-point attempt which he clanked. Go Team. Overall, the team has reeled off nine straight, but the true domination…


Cavalier Christmas Shopping


It’s that time of year again. 29 shopping days till Christmas? No. I’m talking 19 days until the first NBA trade deadline. What trade deadline is that you ask? It’s the first day that players signed in the summer of 2017 can be traded to other teams. The Cavaliers certainly have lots of options, and with some teams not doing nearly as well as they’d hoped to be doing, moving a player for an asset, even a player they signed last summer, has to be tempting. With that in mind, we take a look at what might be on Koby Altman’s wish list as he dreams about Christmas morning.


The Cavaliers Need Isaiah Thomas…To Help Their Defense


When informed that he needed to improve his defensive effort in order to stay in the rotation, former Cavalier Sasha Pavlovic once told coach Mike Brown that “my defense is my offense“, meaning that what he did as a scorer would more than offset any poor defensive effort. As a coach noted for his emphasis on the defensive end, Brown wasn’t thrilled with the reply, to say the least. While…


From Distance: Who’s the Boss?


Four point play… 1. This week, I started the rehearsal period for a new theater production. The first workday is commonly referred to as the “first day of school” because one is usually meeting a bunch of new people for the first time. People are dressed nicely. They are overly optimistic and excited. There is a pleasant buzz of expectation. While much of the experience does mirror a school day,…


Recap: Cavs 119, Bulls 112 (or, Point of Order)


So, let’s see… you traded away your All-Star point guard in the off-season, your two best replacements are injured and more injured, and your remaining back up choices are between a fork-wearing octogenarian Spaniard and a dude who’s recent play is reminiscent of taking a dump in a shower because the tiny dude you just cut is about to have his coming home revenge game. How do you plead? Or,…


Recap: Cleveland 102, Boston 99 (or, a win, prayers, and other strangeness)


This game had everything: spectacular plays, gruesome injuries, amazing comebacks, awful officiating, baffling coaching decisions, and the best basketball player in the universe prevailing late. It promises to be a long, enigmatic, frustrating, and jaw dropping season for Cleveland.

The game started out with Kyrie canning a floater after being booed during the opening introductions and the game going back and forth before the unthinkable happened.


Final Preseason Recap: Cavs 113, Magic 106 (or, Yes Way Jose!)


First off… if you haven’t had a chance to check out Mike’s terrific Richard Jefferson tribute, make sure you go there first. As you may have heard, both RJ and Kay Felder were dealt to the Atlanta Hawks just before the game tonight, but because the deal wasn’t fully finalized, both of them had to be spectators for their last game with the team. Both are class individuals, and both…


Podcast Episode 142: Hot Take Bonfire

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Well, it’s been a while since we had Ben and EG in the booth, and they were both pretty riled up given recent Cavalier events… so the hot take sparks were flying almost from the jump. Fortunately, Nate was there to keep the friction from becoming a Kyrie vs. LeBron-esque conflagration, so Ben and EG can probably still work together going forward. We got all hot under the collar about…


Five on Five: The Aftermath


1. What positives can be taken from this NBA Finals? Mike: There aren’t a lot of positives, but some are there. While they lost two of the last three games in the series, the Cavs showed that they could play with the Warriors over that stretch. The argument could be made that the gap in talent isn’t as enormous as the narrative—or the Cavaliers’ mediocre play in the regular season—suggests. Another…