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Speights Likely Gone

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Mo Speights, baller extraordinaire!

-The Morning-Journal thinks Marreese Speights is gone after this season, which is probably the case. For more evidence, note that Byron Scott is still starting Tyler Zeller over the former Grizzly. Too bad. I like Speights a lot, and his propensity to fall in love with his jump shot is offset a little by his mean streak and gritty offensive rebounding.

-Greg Oden actually sat in Dan Gilbert’s seats at the Memphis game, which is probably a good sign if you’re one of those people that wants the Cavs to sign him, and a bad sign if you’re not.

Is Tristan Thompson an MIP candidate? Probably not; that award is a joke if it doesn’t go to Paul George or Larry Sanders.

-In case you missed it, WFNY has some great-as-usual draft analysis for your perusal. Come on, Otto Porter!

Links to the Present

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Chris Grant is really, really tall. Could he back up Tristan for 15-20 MPG?

Lots of links and goodies await. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

– The Cavs have discussed trades involving Marreese Speights, but don’t seem interested by the picks being proffered thus far. I’m all for trading Speights if a 16-22 type pick can be had. But as every NBA fan (and Daryl Morey) knows, you can never have enough picks/young players.

– Greg Oden is putting the brakes on a contract until this summer. This slightly reduces the Cavs’ chances of signing him, but the smart money still has Oden playing in Wine and Gold next year.

– Should the Cavaliers sign Donte Greene? They appear to be interested.

– Jeremy Pargo has found a home in Philadelphia for the rest of the season. Good luck, Jeremy. The memories of the two or three alley-oops you threw down in garbage time will live forever in our hearts, as will those of the 28 points you dropped the night after Kyrie got injured.


– Also, this Bill Fitch interview should be of interest to the Cavs historian.

Could the Cavs Sign Greg Oden?

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Is Greg Oden a lost cause?

Greg Oden is attempting to make an NBA comeback, and the Cavaliers and the Heat are the front-runners to land him. The HEAT can offer playoff contention, while the Cavs can offer a whole lot more money. I’m all for this signing, assuming that his interviews go well and that this theoretical contract is mostly non-guaranteed. Oden is an immensely talented two-way force, and has shown that he can be impactful on the NBA level when healthy.

There should be no concern about his skills: check these highlights. As for those that claim he is a massive risk, well, you’re probably right. Mark Titus wrote a fantastic article last year about Oden’s career and his struggles adjusting to the NBA lifestyle. And there is the fact that if he is signed, he will be the first sports player ever to come back from three micro-fracture surgeries. What do you guys think?