Recap: Cavs 136, Hawks 114 (or, The Voice of Victory)


Larry Drew is not the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is not even technically the interim coach. He is, however, the self-proclaimed “voice” of the Cavs. Regardless of what you call him… it’s hard to argue with the results, as the wine & gold were winners for the first time in seven tries this season. What was different? You mean, other than no Tyronn Lue on the sidelines?…


Recap: Atlanta 133, Cleveland 111 (or, Stink-tion Level Event)


Right now, the Cavs are arguably the worst team in the NBA. The Atlanta Hawks were ranked 29th in the NBA by ESPN’s preseason power poll, and despite missing a starter and two rotation players, the Cavs just gave them their first win. While the 30th ranked Kings won, the Cavaliers lost resoundingly to a team they were favored to beat by eight. To make matter worse, the Cavs rolled…


Preseason Recap: Pistons 129, Cavs 110 (or, Waxed)


Dan Gilbert once famously offered the Cavaliers coaching job to Tom Izzo. Maybe he should have tried Wax Tom Izzo instead… On second thought, nah… too creepy. After seeing multiple cut aways to Austin Carr and others posing at the strangest wax museum in sports (which exists inside the Breslin Center on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing) during the Cavs’ preseason finale against the Pistons, I’ve…


The Road to Contention, Part II: The Hinkie Highway


Greetings Cavs fans! We’ve been recharging our batteries, after a long Cavs’ season, and we hope you’re enjoying the summer as much as we are. Big news happened last week: the Cavs signed Kevin love to a long extension that keeps his rights with the Cavs until 2023. The Cavalier organization has been in limbo since LeBron’s LA exodus, and the signing should give some long term direction to a…


Playoff Podcap: Boston 107, Cleveland 94 (or, Rage Quit)

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Tom Pestak rage quit on this game in the third quarter. He probably made the right decision. The Cavs, after leading 51-40 with 1:40 to go in the second, were outscored 51-29 before the 7:38 mark of the fourth to put the Celtics up 11. Cleveland cut it to six with 4:42 to play, and after a terrible foul call against LeBron, Ty Lue made his most inexplicable decision in…


George Hill Is A True Difference-Maker


To say things are looking up for the Cleveland Cavaliers would be a major understatement. Just over a week after barely surviving a first-round series against the Indiana Pacers in seven games, the Cleveland Cavaliers looked absolutely dominant as they finished off a four-game sweep of the Toronto Raptors. They dominated the number one seed in the Eastern conference in a way that even the biggest Cavs optimist didn’t expect….


Playoff Podcap: Cavs 128, Raptors 93 (or, Swept Away)

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Contrary to what was posited in the Saturday Night Live sketch that was cut for time last weekend, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ point guard is in fact not a Roomba. However, such a point guard would have been handy in sweeping up the smoldering ashes of the Toronto Raptors following Monday night’s Game 4 extinction level event. As expected, the Cavs completed their impressive clean sweep of the top seeded dinos,…


Playoff Live Thread: Cavs vs Pacers, Game 6


Well, it hasn’t been the easiest five games of LeBron’s playoff career, but tonight he has a chance to close out the Pacers in 6 games and take some much needed R and R. I say “he” rather than “they” because to this point, the King has largely ruled entirely on his own, bending the Pacers to his will and their knees and receiving little to no help along the…


Not A Playoff Recap: Pacers 92, Cavs 90 (or, How To Disappear Completely)


After playing one of their best halves of playoff basketball, the Cavaliers chased it with one of their worst. Despite building a 17 point lead in the first 24 minutes against the resilient Pacers (who looked a bit shell-shocked at first in their return home), and holding them to a mere 40 points with some of their most inspired defensive efforts… the Cavs pulled the ultimate disappearing act in the…


Podcap: Cleveland 132, Toronto 129 (or, Dinosaurs are Pets)

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It was a raucous win for the Cavs, who overcame 79-64 halftime deficit to defeat the Toronto Raptors. LeBron James set some records on the way, becoming the only player with 35 points, 15 dimes, and no turnovers. The Cavs turned on the scoring and the defense in the second to edge the Raps. The Cavs shot 60% from the field and an insane 63% from three. Kevin Love dropped…


Recap: Los Angeles Lakers 127, Cleveland 113 (Ditherers)


Tipoff: Running Diary Format tonight. We’re live in the Smith living room at the tail end of a very long weekend that turned into a lazy Sunday night, Kevin Love is showing off the UCLA weight room that bears his name to FSO’s Allie Clifton, and I’m showing off a spiffy pair of Wine and Gold plaid PJs. 12:00 The Cavs are starting Nance, Jeff Green, LeBron, J.R. Smith, and…