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6-On-6: Free Agency Edition

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

This year’s NBA Free Agency period has been unlike any other with bags, bushels and Brinks trucks full of cash being handed out to literally anyone and everyone who can navigate a roundball. And the biggest name hasn’t even signed yet, let alone begun to negotiate his deal with his hometown team. Fortunately for the Cavs, in contrast to his two previous stints as a Free Agent, LeBron James is in full on “chill mode.” LBJ has the luxury of kicking back with his pals in the Bahamas, content to wait to see how many untold millions his Klutch Sports co-client, Tristan Thompson, can furiously pull down like so many offensive rebounds.

Still, plenty of other names, both big and small, have cashed in on the pre-cap-explosion extravaganza, and while many have been content to stay put, several others have made for greener pastures. For this supersized, “cash money” edition of 6-On-6 (in the spirit of Free Agency, why go 5-On-5 when you can get one more?), we discuss the best fits, the worst fits, just how explosive the Canadian Dynamite situation is, whether the Cavs can afford any more swish from J.R., who else they might shake out of the woodwork with CavsDan’s tree of money, and (per Nate’s suggestion) get creative on how the Haywood contract could really be used…


[BREAKING NEWS]: Cavs Reportedly Agree to Terms with Iman Shumpert

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Alex Kennedy just broke the news that the Cavs have reportedly come to terms with Iman Shumpert (and his awesome hair) on a four year, $40M deal…

Three down… three to go!

[SEMI-BREAKING NEWS]: Cavs Reportedly Agree In Principle With Both of Their PF(F)s (Power Forwards Forever!)

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

First, Kevin Love broke the news that he was returning to Cleveland to take care of “Unfinished Business.” Then the reports filtered out that TT was going to join him. After a flurry of activity, @CavsDan wound up with a pretty massive shopping spree that saw him reportedly agree in principal with KLove on a five year, $110 million deal, and Canadian Dynamite on a five year, in excess of $80 million deal.

Here’s what Kevin had to say in his Player’s Tribune piece…


Live Thread: NBA Free Agency Midnight Madness [Updated with Recap, Analysis and Grades]

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Who watches the Watchmen Free Agents? Literally every team’s sleep deprived front office staff, every unrestricted, restricted or Free Agent-to-be, every source-laden information gathering basketball writer or blogger worth their salt, and most every fan of the increasingly ubiquitous National Basketball Association as the clock strikes 12(EST) and the calendar turns to July.

There’s a certain frenzied psychosis that accompanies the official start of the NBA Free Agency period that cannot be completely quantified nor explained. It’s like Black Friday for multi-millionaires. For some teams, “Everything Must Go!” in favor of precious cap space and future draft picks. For others, it’s “Stars Or Bust!” in the pursuit of a shot at relevance and possibly a ring, before the salary cap well and truly goes bananas next summer.

The Cavs find themselves in the slightly schizophrenic position of trying to keep all of their own Free Agents in the fold, while also shopping for some key bargains that could potentially bolster their bench rotation for next season. From all reports, they’re prepared to offer a five year max deal (worth somewhere in the $110M range) to Kevin Love when the witching hour arrives. Will they show up at the Peninsula Hotel pool (or wherever Kev is hanging out at the moment) with contract in hand like they did with Kyrie last year? How long will it take to get around to TT, Iman, J.R. and Delly? Will they try and lock them up quickly, or let other teams make offers to match? And how long until the King signs on the dotted line?

We’ll begin to find out shortly as the midnight madness kicks off Free Agency in earnest. Stay tuned for all of the breaking rumors, news and developments…


Your Comprehensive 2015 Cavs Free Agency Guide

Monday, June 29th, 2015


Well, Jensen Karp blew up Twitter last night when he tweeted a get-together pic between KLove and the King (pic edited). I guess that’s as good a way as any to kick off the madness that will be the 2015 NBA free agency period. So, release the NBA suits! In less than 48 hours, teams can start recruiting free agents (12 AM EST, July 1st). Of course, any free agency talk for Cleveland starts with the fact that LeBron James has officially opted out of his contract and is now a free agent. Of course, everyone expects the King to re-sign with the Cavs, and the official line is that he is taking a “wait and see” approach with regards to the Cavs and free agency. Windy reports.

Last week, Cavs general manager David Griffin said the team had been in regular contact with James since the end of the Finals and that he was “very engaged” in discussions about the roster. Sources told ESPN, however, it is James’ intention to stay somewhat removed from the Cavs’ free agency until other free agents are handled.

Translation? James’ cap hold of $21.6 million is less than the free agent contract he will sign later this summer, of about $23 million dollars. But, for maximum flexibility, it may help the Cavs to “officially” sign him last of all. In light of this, let’s take a look at the Cavs options in free agency, both with their own free agents, and prospective ones.


LeBron Quick Takes

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Seems wasteful to exert much energy over the LeBron to CLE rumors until something more permanent starts to take shape.  As a person with access to zero “sources” it makes even less sense.  We’re analysts, fans, and supporters, not insiders.  But, I’ve had plenty of thoughts and conversations about all the rumblings lately.  I thought I’d share them.

teplitz raptor

On everyone’s emotions:


Links to the Present: Free Agency Edition — Updated

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014


Free agency has started in the NBA, so there is a lot of money that is being given out to players that may or may not deserve it.  Martin Gortat, a center the Cavs could have used, got a five year deal worth $60 million.  The pitbull defender, Avery Bradley, has been re-signed by the Celtics for a four year contract worth $32 million.  The guard who got away, Shaun Livingston, has gone to the Warriors where the details of his contract still haven’t been released.  And, of course, Kyrie Irving has agreed to a max extension with the Cavs. 


Update II: