From Distance: Grit Goes North


Well, that was fun? Jonathan Simmons, a 2020 Thunder first round pick, and future second rounder. That was what the price for the 2017 number one overall pick, Markelle Fultz. What an abject disaster.


From Distance: A Sip of Delly


four point play…. 1. Oh Delly, how I have missed you. During a season full of poor defensive rotations, ball hogging chucktitude, and generally ill-advised play, your return has been like a sip of Gatorade in the desert. I know I’m thirsty and any hint of liquid would sooth my cracked lips, but sweet baby basketball, are those electrolytes?!¬† Watching Mathew Dellavedova play basketball after almost a full season of…


From Distance: He’s Somehow Stronger


Four points I’m thinking about the NBA… 1. In less than one quarter, Gordon Hayward’s leg injury eliminated much of the scheduled NBA media coverage for the 2017-2018 season. Already written were think pieces about the inevitable Cavaliers’ February swoon. Countless “Brad Stevens is a god” and “The real¬†best team in the East, your Boston Celtics” articles that were written months in advance, will now never see the light of…


Recap Game 3: Raptors 99, Cavaliers 84(Or, The Finger Wave Has Made a Comeback)


One doesn’t need to have Dikembe Mutombo prescience to have predicted Game 3 as the first loss of the Cavaliers’ playoff season. The Raptors have been good in moments of desperation. Their fantastic home crowd was primed to host their first Eastern Conference Finals game in full throat. Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan were due for good shooting games. Yes, the Cavalier loss was not horribly shocking in the grand…


Recap: Cavs 109, Hawks 94 (Or, The King Efficiently Assures Number One)


The Cavaliers rocked the old “Miracle of Richfield” jerseys looking to lock up the Eastern Conference one seed. Iman Shumpert and Mo Williams were both inactive nursing knee injuries. Timofey Mozgov enjoyed the comfort of a folding chair for all 48 minutes after Ty Lue “just wanted to” make Thompson the starter from now until eternity. Those guys didn’t play. Mr. LeBron Raymone James certainly did. And he was wondrous….