What is the value of spite? A short musing on LeBron James, Cleveland, and this Girl I Used To Love Irrationally, by Ryan Braun:

In “honor” of LeBron’s coming to town this week: Now here we have an interesting dilemma, and I’d urge you to think it through before arriving at any, let’s say, decisions… You know what? Let’s not even start with LeBron. Let’s start with a conveniently analogous anecdote. **** When I was 22 (a year older than CTB’s own C.S. McGowan), the first girl I’d ever dated broke up with me….


Ryan Braun’s 2012 NBA Season Preview One Week Into The Season:

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the year’s first installment of what was (and may soon be again if I can’t think of a better name) Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant. This year, we’ll be trying something a little bit different — a league-topical cartoon (vs. a purely Cavalier one), plus some accordant sentiments on whatever the topic was that seemed cartoon-worthy. And that will be posted every…


Drawings From the Notebook of Chris Grant (episode 19)

Unlike the NBA, CFAAP on is back on Cavs: the Blog, baby! And – I think to prove a point? – I’ve decided to do my part in ending the lockout by posting a union and/or league executive on the cover of an ESPN: the Body Issue every week until this unseemliness is resolved. Because no executive wants to be caught with his pants down. Or completely naked. Here is……


Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant (episode 18)

Well, I’ve done it this time. For the 18th installment of the arguably popular series, Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant, I made a cartoon that is not exactly ESPN appropriate. It is CFAAP.com appropriate though – our standards are significantly lower – and you can check it out here (carefully though, as while it’s not horrible horrible, it may be a touch NSFW): David Stern’s “ESPN: the body…


Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant (the potpourri/interlude edition)

Happy Sunday night/Monday morning Cavs fans! I had a little bit of a busy week (translation: After September’s tense negotiations, I’ve had a little bit of trouble playing my way into shape), but I promise by next Sunday I’ll be back on schedule and come equipped with a killer entry to make up for falling behind. In the meantime, I’ve prepared for you a potpourri of lockout-flavored peruseables. First, a…


Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant (episode 17)

As you may or may not know, I have a loose deadline of every Sunday morning for these cartoons. This week, I may or may not have hit it. What happened was John and I were working on our new CBA and couldn’t come to terms until this morning. I now get 100% of Cavs: the Blog’s advertising revenue. On David Stern and the NBA lockout: This is getting serious….


Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant (episode 16)

Happy Sunday everyone! (And go Browns, should you be so inclined.) We’re back with the latest entry of Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant, and sadly, today marks our third pictorial foray into the NBA lockout ripple effect. (For those keeping track, here are the first two: Barren NBA Website & the lonely NBA ball.) Can we put an end to this already? Kyrie needs practice and the Cavs…


Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant (episode 15)

The following contains both a tribute to and a musing on Cavs PF Luke Harangody. Here is the tribute: An illegally procured copy of XXL’s new LH cover. Initially, I’d planned to make cover art for a fictitious Harangody rap album (tentatively titled, “SPF-44”), and I wrote the following faux-review excerpts to paste on the cover: -“Incomprehensibly white.” -“I bought this in a grocery store parking lot.” -“Better than Ron…


Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant (episode ‘Labor Day’)

Happy Sunday, Cavs fans! I come to you this morning having solved an interesting and entirely self-manufactured quandary: essentially, how to post a new DFTNOCG whilst honoring the nation’s 118th Labor Day by not doing any labor? I think I found an answer. Everything I’m putting up today was drawn a few months ago. Two pictures this entry… The first marks our initial venture “Around The NBA” (something I might…