#CavsRank Moments: 21-19 (Growing Pains)


As we’ve seen thus far, not all the #CavsMoments we’re counting down are necessarily fond ones… or at least they didn’t start out that way at the time. In this next installment of Moments, we cover a few of the initially more painful ones, including two trades — one that greatly altered the fundamental construction of this team, and another that engendered a strong and immediately divisive emotional reaction amongst Cavs…


CAVS Call: The Methodical March to the Finals and the story of Mo Speights’ Fastball

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Earlier this year I became friends with Martin, another NBA fan living in Dayton that had heard me on Dayton Sports Scene with Mark Neal. He was aggressively attacking the sports podcast arena and asked if I’d be a guest on his show: AM Sports w/Alex and Martin. I obliged and was blown away by the depth of his sports history memory. Honest to God talking to Martin was like…


The Point Four-ward: Empty the Bench

First off, if you haven’t read Ben’s excellent recap of the Cavs win in Detroit last night, please do yourself that favor. Then, it’s onto— Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers… 1.) On a recent Cavs telecast, I heard something that gave me pause. It concerned the overall league ranking for the Cavs bench. Anyone want to guess what it was? Try 30th overall. That’s right, the Cavs…


The Point Four-ward: How Buddy Ball Won Out

Four points I’m thinking about the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers… 1.) This time last season, I couldn’t have expected I’d be uttering the following statement: the two Cavaliers players I most enjoy watching this season are Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson. Now, sure, even before Wednesday night’s Kyrie-a-thon, that’s not the craziest thing in the world to say. It’s not like saying I’m tuning in just for the chance…


The Point Four-ward: Backcourt Bliss

First off, if you haven’t listened to Nate, Tom and Ben’s mid-season Cavs: The Podcast, what are you waiting for?? Four points I’m thinking about the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers… 1.) Kyrie Irving is really winning me back over this season. While everyone (CtB included) was quick to heap praise on the performance of newly-acquired center Timofey Mosgov in the Cavs 108-94 victory over the Chicago Bulls, Monday night,…


Culty Catch Up: Fifth/Exes Edition

Each week there is a ton of NBA media pertaining to the Cavs and the league in general that deserves recognition. A lot of it goes unread because there just isn’t enough time to keep up with it. Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with six to eight notable reads/videos (the last two reads are up in the air just like the Cavs bench production this season) from the past seven days…


The Point Four-ward: Wait(ers) No More

Four points I’m thinking about the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers… 1.) Speaking purely from that place where we sports fans can still grow attached to players in purely sentimental ways, I will miss Dion Waiters very much. He was the first professional athlete I ever interviewed face-to-face and I’ll always be a sucker for his unique personality which always seemed to be running on those parallel tracks of inflated…


Recap: Sixers 95, Cavaliers 92(Or, Stop Asking About Dion, There is an NBDL Game On!)

Let’s be honest. Most Cavalier fans didn’t watch this game very closely. Once Joe Harris got the start for Dion Waiters, fans immediately began to scour the internet for info. Was this another National Anthem thing? Did Blatt decide at the last second to maintain Dion’s 6th Man mentality? Wait, where are Lou and Alex? Is there a Trade!?! When Dion’s cousin began to tweet, things got more interesting away from the…


Emergency Cavs: The Podcast, Episode 58 — The Sixers loss and the Waiters trade.

We all watched perplexed as Joe Harris started tonight against the Sixers. Then, we were all shocked when news trickled in that J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert were going to be Cavaliers, and that Dion Waiters, Alex Kirk, and Lou Amundson were going to be moving on. In the game, the Cavs blew a seventeen point lead to the worst team in the NBA and suffered a stunning defeat. It…


The Case for Saint Weirdo

One of the more divisive topics here at CtB, is former writer Colin McGowan’s brilliant article on Pete Beatty’s anagram nickname of “Saint Weirdo” for Dion Waiters. If you aren’t familiar with anagrams, it’s a word play that dates back to Moses, in which you rearrange the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase using all of the letters exactly once. The goal of…


Recap: Cavs 91 Hornets 87 (Or, Positive, Encouraging K-LOVE)

Kevin Love scored 27 points on 15 shots, Dion Waiters came alive in spurts, and the Cavs came back from an early double-digit deficit to get a gritty road win against the struggling Hornets.  They shrugged off a terrible shooting night from Kyrie Irving (8-27) and survived a take-your-breath-away scare when Kevin Love’s knee seemed to buckle early in the third quarter.  Both teams shot horribly, but the Cavs took…


The Point Four-ward: Catch Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Four points I’m thinking about the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers… First off, if you haven’t read Ben’s excellent recap of last night’s big come from behind win against the Raptors, what are you waiting for?? 1.) Read the following quote from Cavs head coach David Blatt: “I think it’s important that you know how to catch yourself. We didn’t have an easy time in the first half and we…