Podcast 137: Enough Talk!

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After almost a week of hot take rhetoric, narratives both succinct and false, national media puffery and endless debates about every possible storyline leading up to this epically hyped (overhyped?) rubber match of a Finals… shouldn’t we just take a cue from Conan and get to the action already? I mean… why should you take another 90+ minutes out of your day to hear more Cavs v. Warriors redux-dux? Well……


Recap: Cleveland 130, Boston 86 (or, the Boston Massacre)


This was one of the greatest displays of basketball dominance in NBA history, and certainly the biggest thrashing of a team in Cavalier history. Cleveland absolutely decimated Boston in a way there are not words to describe. Even the Celtics seemed to be resigned to their fate. This isn’t a recap, it’s a prose highlight reel. When we saw that Gerald Green was going to be in the starting lineup,…


The Point-Fourward: Sample Size, Schmample Size (And Other German Things)


1. There have been numerous articles written complimenting the playoff production of three-time All-Star, Deron Williams. Rightfully so. The 32 year-old PG wasn’t just good in the Cavaliers’ first round sweep of the Indiana Pacers, he was offensively transcendent. It’s easy to look at his box score numbers and be generally underwhelmed. He only averaged a little over eight points per game in a measly 15.5 minutes per contest. But…


Playoff Podcap: Cavs 106, Pacers 102 (or, How Sweep It Is!)

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It wasn’t always easy… but at least it was quick. The Cavs put the finishing touches on their first round sweep of the Indiana Pacers on Sunday, becoming the first team to punch their ticket to the second round. For their efforts, they get to kick back and relax for a week or so as they wait for the winner of the slugfest between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto…


Recap: Cleveland 119, Indiana 114 (or Signs of a Comeback)


After giving up 74 points in the first half, and trailing by as much as 26, the Cavs channeled their inner Frank Reich and outscored the Pacers by 31 points in the final 24 minutes to complete one of the great comebacks in NBA Playoff history, and to send the state of Indiana into a 3-0 depression. If you watched from the tip, you know the Cavs were lapped by…


Recap: Miami 124, Cleveland 121 (OT) (or, the Joy of Losing)


  I’ll admit, despite the loss, this is the most I’ve enjoyed a Cavs game in weeks. Despite missing LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, Cleveland crafted a double digit lead and held on to it till the fourth quarter. As if suddenly awakened from their slumber, Miami came storming back to outscore the Cavs 28-17 in the fourth,  and two missed Deron Williams free throws down the stretch loomed large as Cleveland turned…


Podcap: Cavs 135, Pacers 130 – 2OT (or, Working Overtime)


The Cavs won, but they didn’t make it easy on themselves against the visiting Indiana Pacers. In fact, it took an extra 10 minutes of time to finally decide the matter… not to mention another triple double from LeBron James (his 11th on the season), and some significant contributions from Kevin Love, J.R. Smith and Kyrie Irving in the overtime periods. Still, the wine & gold were able to build…


Podcap: Nuggets 126, Cavs 113 (or, The Defense Rests)


The Cavs had their whole squad (minus the L8Show) back together against the Denver Nuggets last night, and were able to reassemble the starting lineup that won the Championship last year for the first time in months. Unfortunately, just because they were together again, doesn’t mean they were all necessarily on the same page… especially defensively. Maybe it was the four days they spent at sea level in L.A., taking…