Live Thread: Cavs vs Lakers (Prophecies and Revelations)


None of my fallacious predictions bother me, but I am haunted by the articles I never wrote. In late November 2016, I hemmed and hawed on writing about LeBron James, Phil Jackson, and The King’s indigence over the Zen Master’s “posse” comments. My premise was to be that LeBron’s issue with Phil’s diction represented a larger problem: that LeBron’s and the left of center NBA’s quibbling over word choice echoed…


From Distance: In a Roundabout Way


four point play…. 1. Tunisia loves its roundabouts. Like much of the non-US world, Tunisia eschews the American style four way stop in favor of the occasionally frustrating wheel of driving “fun”. While engineers have focused on overall rule clarity, volume, and safety when comparing the two systems, it seems one crucial point has been lacking in their data input. Smart Phone use! I know, I know. One shouldn’t text…


Gone Griff


I respect the hell out of David Griffin, not necessarily for the moves he made as the Cavs general manager, but for his steady positivity during turbulent times, and his strength to build a championship roster while he was battling cancer. While former Cavs point man Chris Grant has been virtually blackballed by the league, I look forward to Griffin landing another gig and I’ll be rooting for him. Griffin…


Podcast Episode 140: Offseason Madness

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EvilGenius and Nate Smith, still reeling from as blustery an offseason week as ever we’ve experienced, teamed up in the podcast booth to dissect the proceedings since the Finals. At the top of the topic list? David Griffin’s firing. Did Dan Gilbert have a plan in place, and if so why is it taking so long to execute? Or did things fall apart at the drop of a hat, with…


The Point-Fourward: Back and Forth We Go


Four points I’m thinking about the NBA… 1. Here in sunny Berlin, I just shared a delightful walk along the canal. My buddy had his lovely six-month-old daughter in tow. Or shall I say, he pushed her around in one of those fancy multipurpose strollers that might be able to do your taxes if you could execute the manual’s page 34 properly. It’s an absolutely gorgeous day full of people…


***BREAKING NEWS*** David Griffin OUT


The Cavs and general manager David Griffin will part ways according to sources — Brian Windhorst (@WindhorstESPN) June 19, 2017 That about says it all, right?  It appears that, after three years with the franchise, David Griffin and the Cleveland Cavaliers have mutually agreed to part ways.  In addition, Trent Redden, the team’s senior vice president of basketball operations, is on his way out.


Not A Recap: Clippers 108, (Not) Cavs 78 (or, Not A Surprise)


For me, the best news about last night’s game between the Cavs and the Clippers at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, was that unforeseen circumstances prevented me from shelling out a couple hundred bucks to watch it in person. Unfortunately, the some 21,000 other fans in attendance weren’t so lucky. The highly anticipated Saturday night match up between LeBron James and his big three against CP3 and his big…


Podcast Episode 125: “MacGyver” Griffin


Nate Smith, Mitch Suchan, and David Wood jumped into the podcast studio instead of attending the Oscars to talk about the Cavs, the Deron Williams addition, Andrew Bogut, the Trade Deadline, and the Eastern Conference Playoff race. What effect will Deron have on the Cavs and their bench units? How does David Griffin so much GM magic every February? How much does Andrew Bogut have left in the tank (if…


Podcap: Cleveland 116, Minnesota 108 (or, Lost Love, Wills, and Puppies)

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The Cavs held off the hungry Wolf pups Tuesday night in a high scoring battle that saw Minny shoot 49%, and Cleveland edge them out by shooting 51%. For the T-Wolves, Andrew Wiggins put on a show, scoring 41 on 29 shots, and adding a three boards, two assists, and a steal in 41 minutes with zero turnovers. Karl-Anthony Towns added 26, Gorgui Dieng 12 and 10, and Ricky Rubio…


Podcap: Cleveland 132, Indiana 117 (or, Threezus and Friends)

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To sum up: The Cavs let CJ Miles and the Pacers get loose in first quarter (70% shooting/36 points); got down by as much as 15; closed the gap to end the half; then came out and dropped 40 to 18 on Indy in the third; Korver went nuts (10-12, 8-9 from three for 29 points); Cleveland let Indy get within seven late in fourth then turned on the Threezus jets. Nate Smith…


Podcast Episode 121: “There’s a New Sheriff in Town.”


Despite the lonesome feel of the dusty trail that is the NBA regular season, CtB rustled up a posse of Tom Pestak, EvilGenius, and Nate Smith. They had plenty to talk about as they recapped a lousy Cavalier January. We chewed the cud over LeBron’s comments to Dave McMenamin regarding Charles Barkley’s comments on Inside the NBA. Was LeBron justified, was Barkley? Was it excessive? Who’s gonna win this showdown?…