Recap: Cleveland 116, Washington 101 (Or, Layups and Three Pointers)


When I put up the Live Thread for this game I was quite optimistic. After all, the Cavs had been less than 24 hours away from trading for one of my all-time favorite Cavaliers in Matthew Dellavedova. By now, this isn’t news. But more than the trade, I just sort of had an optimistic feeling waiting for theĀ  game to begin. And boy was I not disappointed. Not only did…


Recap: Sacramento 129, Cleveland 110 (or, the Worst)


Much like Wednesday’s battle against the Dubs, The Cavs hung with the Kings for two and a half quarters before getting blown out and outscored by 19 in the second half. The Cavs’ six man rotation wasn’t able to hold up long enough mentally and physically to hang with De’Aaron Fox and and Buddy Hield who combined for 55 on 33 shots, including going 9-13 from downtown. If not for…


Podcap: Warriors 129, Cavs 105 (Or, Closer Than The Score)

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According to the score, the Warriors blew the Cavs out by 24 points. The game was close though, I swear. The Cavs finished the first-half on a 19-5 run hitting five 3s to be up six. The third quarter didn’t go as planned though, as the Warriors outscored the Cavs 37-22 behind 15 Kevin Durant points. By the time the fourth rolled around, Cleveland was done for and the Warriors…


Recap: Cavs 99, Nets 97 (or, The Bandit)


East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’ We gonna do what they say can’t be done We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there I’m east bound, just watch ol’ bandit run No, you didn’t just accidentally stumble onto a fan page for the late, great Burt Reynolds. Rest assured, I’ll bring this all back to the Cavs’ narrow victory over the Brooklyn…


Recap: Toronto 106, Cleveland 95 (or, Get Mean or Get “Sonned”)


Cleveland fought the Kyle Lowry-less Raptors and the officials Saturday in a game that saw Toronto take advantage of a Cleveland energy lull to go on a 21-3 run in less than six minutes of the mid third quarter. The Cleveland bench almost brought the team back, as they Cut a Toronto lead that had once been 21 to just six in the early fourth. The Claw (Kawhi Leonard) and…


Not A Recap: Celtics 128, Cavs 95 (or, Nephewed)


Uncle Drew has been in Collin Sexton’s shoes. Kyrie Irving was once a promising rookie getting nightly lessons from the NBA’s best point guards. He understands being the hope of a re-building franchise in the aftermath of a LeBron James departure. He struggled through a 21 win inaugural season (we’ll see if Sexton and this iteration of the Cavs get anywhere close to that), while shouldering the dreams and expectations…


From Distance: Actual Progress


four point play…. 1. The last two weeks of Cavaliers’ basketball has certainly been far more enjoyable than the previous two. With Larry Drew at the helm, the Cavs have slowly worked out some rotation questions and, gasp, even a blurry identity. While Ty Lue simply babbled about pushing pace, Drew’s team has been for more selective in pushing the ball make or miss. The players aren’t blindly running into…


Podcap: Wolves 102, Cavs 95 (or, Off The Rails)

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I’m not sure the degree that Tom, Nate and I actually captured the outcome of this Cavalier setback tonight against the Minnesota Timberwolves, as we spent a large chunk of time debating the semantics of what transpired in the Browns game Sunday and the subsequent shade thrown by Baker Mayfield on his former coach today. Tom and I were on diametrically opposed sides of the argument, while Nate was content…


Recap: Cavs 117, Rockets 108 (Or, Phoenix Rising)


When I wrote the Live Thread for this game I didn’t hold a whole heck of a lot of hope that it would end positively. It was the second night of a back to back. They were playing a tough Western Conference team who had been playing well lately. They had just notched their third win of the season on the previous night. I’m sure all of these were things…


Recap: Los Angeles Lakers 109, Cleveland 105 (or, Return of the King, Return of the Cedi)


The Cavs led most of the way through the King’s return to the Q, and then lost in the waning moments when their offense mostly abandoned them. They couldn’t hit key shots, and couldn’t overcome a couple calls that didn’t go their way. Cleveland played inspired basketball from start to finish, and L.A. imported some south beach chill mode for three quarters before out-executing Cleveland down the stretch. Now when…


Recap: Pistons 113, Cavs 102 (Or, Making It Easy)


This game was close for all of half of the first half of the first quarter. From there, the game plummeted out of reach for Cleveland and would remain so for the rest of the game. The final score makes this one seem closer than it actually was. The Pistons shot 74% in the first quarter and Cleveland gave them countless easy baskets, making it easy for the Pistons to…


From Distance: Wine and Fool’s Gold


four point play…. 1. “Fool’s gold” isn’t called “adequate substitute for those on a budget”. We use “a poor man’s… such and such” for that situation. I bring this up because it is easy to confuse the two when evaluating players. One can say, “Jordan Clarkson is a “poor man’s Lou Williams,” or that “Collin Sexton is a poor man’s John Wall”. One could say that. One would make me…