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Preview: Potential First Round Match-Ups

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

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First off, if you haven’t yet already, make sure you check out David’s excellent recap of last night’s division clinching win for the Cavs over the Bucks.

And with that victory, the Cavs have also officially locked up the second seed in the Eastern Conference, giving them more than a week to finally take a few moments to rest and start thinking about the first round of the playoffs.

Normally, with four games left to play, it would be fairly apparent who they might be facing in that first round. However, there are still no less than five potential foes in the mix to be the first opponent for the Cavs in their return to the playoffs after a four year drought. Some may have better odds than others of winding up in the seventh spot, but we’ll break them all down with impunity, and according to threat level they pose to the Cavs…


Links to the Present: Getting Ready Edition

Friday, April 4th, 2014

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When Friday hits, you have to get prepared for the weekend.  Some people get haircuts. Other people go grocery shopping for a family gathering. People like me contemplate why they hated on Kyrie coming back after he had an amazing game against Orlando. A few people just grab a six pack of their favorite beverage and turn their television on to watch their NBA team.  If you’re a Cavs fan, this weekend you’re going have set aside time to read about their playoff situation to fully appreciate them battling the Atlanta Hawks on Friday and the Charlotte Bobcats on Saturday.

Mary Schmitt Boyer of The Plain Dealer has the playoff situation covered.  She points out the harsh reality that the Cavs really aren’t in total control or even moderate control of their playoff chances.  They are going to need some lucky losses from both the Knicks and the Hawks, since they don’t own the tie breaker against either of those teams. (more…)