LeBron James and His Decision: Ignorance, Knowledge, and The Absurd


With the second LeBron James in Cleveland free agency decision looming, let’s all take a deep breath and take a journey through how to deal with ignorance, how we attain knowledge, and what to do in the face of this absurd situation.  LeCision 3.0 What will LeBron decide? Do you know? Does LeBron even know? If you pay attention to the fever pitch that is sports journalism, you are currently…


Live Thread: Cavs @ New York Knicks (or, the long awaited LeBron – Kanter feud (JK))


Cleveland heads to the Big Apple with a chance to clinch the divisional title tonight.  Likely the No. 4 seed regardless of what happens, the Cavs look to beat the Knicks team that fell off the playoff contending map once Kristaps Porzingis went out with the knee injury.  In a continuing theme, despite George Hill coming back into the starting lineup, the Cavs will not be fully healthy as Rodney…


Talking Cavs with Mark Neal

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Mark thawed me out for the rest of the NBA season.  Talked Cavs win streak, top teams, disappointing teams, and got the opportunity to set the record straight on Kevin Durant vs LeBron James for best in the league.


5 on 5: 2017 NBA Finals Edition


Which Finals freshman will have the biggest impact on the series? Eli: For the Cavs, I have to believe its Kyle Korver. Sure he’s a defensive liability against whoever he’s guarding, but his offensive game is so important to the Cavs because his three point ability opens up space for everyone else. Coach Lue probably won’t be able to play Korver heavy minutes, but if he has one of those…


Recap: Hawks 114, Cavs 100 (or, The Tortoise Beat the Hare)


After finally flipping the Cavoltron playoff-mode switch against the Celtics on Tuesday, the Cavs flipped the switch back to lackadaisical no defense whatsoever chill-mode. The Cavs played the game as though they were were the hare and the undermanned Hawks were the tortoise in the Aesop fable. Through the first three quarters it worked. The Hawks would build a lead, then the Cavs would race back to tie the game, then…


Live Thread: Cavs vs Magic


The Cavs recently escaped a painful 3 game losing streak, ending with demoralizing losses to the Spurs and Bulls. Tonight’s game against the magic would signify a 3 game win streak, and perhaps a changing of fortunes. With the much anticipated return of Threezus and Lebron’s continuing ascension into playoff form this game should be a thriller. The Cavs are gunning to take the season series to 3-0 while silencing critics…


Live Thread: Cavs vs Jazz


To say that the Cavs were hot last game would be an understatement. The Cavs were so hot that my eyes hurt looking at the first quarter stats. While I do not expect the team to start 10-of-10 on 3-pointers and shoot 69 percent from the field, I do expect a great game. Hayward has always loved playing against Lebron, and now that Hayward has emerged as a truly elite player, it should be…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Rockets


  The Cavaliers lost of three in a row prior to beating the Magic. Now it is time to perform against a contender. Swish is still getting acclimated, but will certainly be needed against one of the premier three point shooting teams in the NBA. The Rockets’ incredibly fast pace will challenge the Cavaliers’ defense, which has seemed sluggish during the most recent slump, as well as the one in January….


Live Thread: Celtics at Cavs


The Cavs disposed of the Raptors in Toronto and now they get a chance to play the Celtics, the other team oft-mentioned as one of the few that could challenge the Cavs’ supremacy in the East. The Celtics are a little banged up right now.  Olynyk is for a few more games after recovering from offseason shoulder surgery (ironically enough).  Al Horford might be out because of a concussion and…