LeBron James and His Decision: Ignorance, Knowledge, and The Absurd


With the second LeBron James in Cleveland free agency decision looming, let’s all take a deep breath and take a journey through how to deal with ignorance, how we attain knowledge, and what to do in the face of this absurd situation.  LeCision 3.0 What will LeBron decide? Do you know? Does LeBron even know? If you pay attention to the fever pitch that is sports journalism, you are currently…


Podcast Episode 116: “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”

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  Tom Pestak, EvilGenius, and Nate Smith tried to ignore all the tinsel in the broadcast booth as we fired up a pre-Christmas pod. The Warriors matchups, both in the Finals and at Christmas, were heavily in our discussion as we looked back and looked ahead to the December 25th showdown. Much of our bull session revolved around whether the Cavs need another big man, or even if all the big men…


#CavsRank Moments: 21-19 (Growing Pains)


As we’ve seen thus far, not all the #CavsMoments we’re counting down are necessarily fond ones… or at least they didn’t start out that way at the time. In this next installment of Moments, we cover a few of the initially more painful ones, including two trades — one that greatly altered the fundamental construction of this team, and another that engendered a strong and immediately divisive emotional reaction amongst Cavs…


All Bets are Off


The more we absorb these Finals games, the less anything that has come before seems to matter. I’ve been struck by a number of pundit and fan responses these last 6 games.


The Point Four-ward: Making Things Difficult

Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers… 1.) You can say that the Cavs “struggle with success.” You can chalk it up to fatigue and call them “bed bug bitten” (though not if you’re like me and a thorough case of New York City-bred entomophobia causes you to shudder at the mere thought of… of that kind of bug). Or you can side with ESPN’s Tim Legler who, following the…


Podcast Episode 88: Losing Andy, Winning in OKC

Before (or after) you listen to this pod, make sure you check out David Wood’s most excellent recap of yesterday’s Cavs win in Oklahoma City. After writing, David stepped into the broadcast booth with me and Tom Pestak and we talked about the crazy week it was: most of that craziness revolving around the trade deadline. We talked about the loss of Andy and what that could mean going forward…


Anderson Varejao Traded


The Cavs have traded Anderson Varejao and possibly Jared Cunningham and a protected first round draft pick for Orlando Stretch-Big Channing Frye.  This is part of a 3-team deal with Portland.


Podcast Episode 86: Dap and Taxes

Man, it was a rough week to be a Cavs fan. After a resurgent streak of four games highlighted by a victory over the Spurs, the Cavs once again failed to be “galvanized by success,” struggling against Indiana and losing to Charlotte and Boston. Slightly bolstered by a Friday pick-me-up against the Pelicans Ben, Tom, and I had lots to talk about on a Super Bowl Sunday night podcast. We…


Recap: Cavs 99, Pelican’ts 84 (or, how do you say chase down block in Portuguese?)

The Cavs looked to rebound after their last second loss last night to the Celtics in yet another back-to-back. A thigh bruise sidelined Kevin Love for the contest against the Pelicans, and he joined Matthew Dellavedova on the inactive list. The next man up mandate was answered as Anderson Varejao stepped to the plate and delivered his most meaningful performance in a year. As much sleep as we’ve lost this…


Podcast Episode 82: January Nitpicking

As the Cavs near the halfway point of the season, we review their six game road trip, David Blatt, WWPD, the upcoming matchup against the Dubs, the swirling trade rumors, whether Delly is dirty, and so much more in this EPIC podcast. Join me, EvilGenius, Cory Hughey, and Tom Pestak as we engage in jokes, hyperbole, nitpicking, haymaker hot takes, and pugilistic debates about January games in this “championship or…