Podcast: Talking Kevin Love Injury with Mark Neal

April 28th, 2015 by Tom Pestak

Short podcast today.  I’ll be in studio again Thursday for the regular hour-long segment.  But Mark and I talked about the news that Kevin Love will likely miss the remainder of the playoffs.


UPDATE: David Griffin Addresses Kevin Love Injury; J.R. Smith Suspension; Moving Forward in the Playoffs

April 28th, 2015 by EvilGenius

David Griffin addressed the media this morning at the Cavs practice facility in Independence regarding the latest update on Kevin Love’s injury. The prognosis from the Cavs GM was certainly a less hopeful outlook on both the severity of the injury and the possible availability of Love for the playoffs beyond the next round.

“I want to make it clear that’s highly unlikely,” Griffin said of Love returning during the playoffs from a dislocated left shoulder. “The damage to his shoulder is extensive. This is not a situation where we’re expecting he will be available for any of this and we’re in the process of gathering information in terms of what the exact, right, next steps are and every option is on the table.”

Griffin was attempting to set the record straight following any misconceptions drawn from the team’s release on Monday, which just declared that Love would be out for the Eastern Conference Semi-Final round of the playoffs.

“I think it would be a real surprise if he were able to participate in the postseason,” Griffin said. “I still have a sliver of hope for something very late, but highly unlikely.”

Griffin also touched on other subjects in the aftermath of the events of Game 4 in the Garden against the Celtics, including his feelings on the punishment doled out by the League on J.R. Smith, Kendrick Perkins and Kelly Olynyk, as well as the state of the Cavs moving forward in the playoffs.

He also said this…

Check out the entire interview here on the Cavaliers page of NBA.com.

Click here for LeBron James’ comments.

Click here for David Blatt’s comments.

The Case for Cleveland

April 28th, 2015 by Cory Hughey


Editor’s Note: This piece was written before the events of Sunday, but I believe it is more relevant now than ever. As someone who didn’t grow up in northeast Ohio, but adopted it as my home and chose to raise a family here, this piece resonates with me. I believe a Cleveland championship is still within this team’s grasp. I believe that, at their best, sports have the ability to elevate and unify us as citizens of this great country and this great state. That is something worth hoping for. We all could use a dose of hope today. Hope and anticipation always trump despair and worry when rolling over the potholes on the road to a goal. Thanks for writing this, Cory. -Nate

We all have to come from somewhere and have little choice in the matter. A long time ago, ambitious men drew lines on paper to divvy up soil to segregate ourselves from one another, and our minds are so powerful, or so weak, that today we believe that those boundaries are natural. As time passed those lines defined where we were from and who we are. Different sets of customs, speech and mores arose. Where you’re from is probably something simple like where your grandfather found work or where your mother forgot to take a pill. For Northeast Ohioans, that work was breaking their bodies in the mile long mills that built America. Coke ovens spitting out heat so hot that it would make the devil himself blush forged the ivory tower of the American Empire. Our lines are often described as flyover country, a place to ignore in between the flight between the coasts. It’s a time and place to be forgotten. Every passing year, the powerful marriage of iron and carbon is forgotten a little more, and the red headed bastard child slowly percolates. The rust is swallowed by the rich glacial soil that once feed our grandfathers. The rust is in our rivers and lakes. The rust is in our corn and apples. The rust is in the breast milk we feed our young.

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Breaking News: Kevin Love Ruled Out for EC Semi-Finals; J.R. Smith Suspended Two Games; Kendrick Perkins Fined

April 27th, 2015 by EvilGenius


On the heels of Kevin Love being forced to leave in the first quarter of the Cavs win over the Celtics yesterday in Game 4 with a dislocated left shoulder, word came this afternoon that the Cavs have ruled Love out for their upcoming Eastern Conference Semi-Final Series (which would begin either Saturday or next Monday depending on the outcome of tonight’s game between the Bulls and Bucks).

Love suffered the injury after Kelly Olynyk was called for a loose-ball foul for pulling and yanking down on Love’s left arm a little more than halfway into the first quarter on Sunday. Love called Olynyk’s actions “bush-league” after the game and said he thought it was intentional. Olynyk received a one-game suspension for his actions, as announced by the NBA this afternoon, which he will be forced to serve at the beginning of next season.

[Olynyk himself finally spoke to the media (Adam Himmelsbach of the Boston Globe), as reported earlier today by Fox Sports Ohio, to talk about the incident and his trepidation about visiting Cleveland in the future.]

After X-rays and an MRI on Love’s shoulder today revealed the extent of the damage, the team officially declared him out for the next round (against either the Chicago Bulls or Milwaukee Bucks — the Bulls currently lead the series 3-1). Love’s injury is being officially referred to as “an acute anterior inferior glenohumeral dislocation with the corresponding ligament/labrum tearing and humeral head bone bruising.”

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Recap: Cleveland 101, Boston 93 (or, Game and Blame)

April 27th, 2015 by Nate Smith

Cleveland’s Cavaliers defeated the Celtics in Boston, Sunday afternoon, and eliminated them from the playoffs, and I was never so angry after a Cavs win. Sadly, the most memorable stories from this game had very little to do with basketball. Kevin Love is in a sling, Jae Crowder allegedly went to the hospital, Kendrick Perkins and J.R. Smith are probably facing suspensions, Isaiah Thomas made a mockery of professional basketball, and Tony Brothers and his incompetent officiating crew let it all happen. Celtics players, Cavs players, both coaching staffs, Tony Brothers and Co., the NBA, and even the announcers let this game and this series devolve into some of the dirtiest and least professional basketball since the “the Malice at the Palace.”

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QUICKHIT – Cavs 101, Celtics 93

April 26th, 2015 by Tom Pestak

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 4.15.25 PM

The Cavs swept the Celtics, but it wasn’t a fun game to watch.  Olynyk ripped Love’s arm out of the socket, J.R. Smith clocked Jae Crowder, and Shumpert looked a bit woozy after banging his head.  Everyone in Cavs Nation is concerned about Kevin Love’s health and whether or not J.R. Smith will be suspended.

LeBron, Kyrie, and Shumpert really took the Cavs home in the 4th quarter, after they had abandoned all semblance of an offense in the 2nd half.  The Cavs led by double-digits almost the entire game and seemed to wrap the game up with a few minutes remaining.  But the circus would not end, and after Isaiah Thomas illegally grabbed LeBron during an inbounds pass, followed by grabbing Kyrie Irving’s jersey that was reviewed but called “out on the Cavs”.  The whole thing was nauseating.  Sound off on your least favorite moment of the game.

Live Thread: Cavs @ Celtics, Game 4

April 26th, 2015 by David Wood


Game three between the Cavs and Celtics was an all out slug fest. There were tons of bizarre foul calls, lots of hands restricting players’ movements, and even some trash talk. If the Cavs win tonight, they will have a little extra rest before their next game. Their second round matchup is against whomever comes out of the Bucks, Bulls series. The Bucks beat the bulls with zero time left on the clock yesterday to force a game five. Read the rest of this entry »

Podcast: Talking Cavs with Mark Neal

April 25th, 2015 by Tom Pestak

Mark and I talked about the Cavs successes, all the potential 1st round sweeps, the Warriors’ second gear, the epic Spurs/Clippers series, and more.

A close look at the playoff stats so far and two things stands out about the Cavs/Celtics.

1.) Over the last 20 games of the regular season, the Celtics were the 3rd best team in the league at running guys off the 3 point line.  Despite that, the Cavs have made 32 3s in 3 games, which is topped by only Chicago (38) and Golden State (34).  It’s worth noting that both of those teams have played more minutes than the Cavs due to overtimes.

2.) Over the last 20 games of the regular season, the Celtics were the 10th best team in the league at preventing offensive rebounds for opponents (or, corralling defensive rebounding opportunities).  They’ve not fared well against the Cavs.  Led by Tristan Thompson, snatcher of 14 offensive boards, the good guys are second (Golden State) in offensive rebound rate in the playoffs, sporting a .299 mark (about 30% of the Cavs’ missed shots are being secured for 2nd chance opportunities).

The made 3s and the offensive rebounds are what has separated (on paper) the Cavs and the Celtics.

Recap: Cavs 103, Celtics 95 (Or, Four Physical Quarters )

April 24th, 2015 by David Wood


The Cavs earned a tough win. Each quarter had a completely different feeling to it, which had to have been mentally grueling for the Good Guys. The first twelve minutes were all about post touches, while the second quarter was about lots of physical fouls. The third quarter was the 3 and “D” period, and the fourth quarter was all about the King. The Cavs held Boston to 44% shooting from the field and 26% from deep for the night. Kevin Love and LeBron James combined for 54 points and made 7-15 shots from the 3-point land to lead the Cavs. James also had four steals and two blocks. Let’s get to the action. Read the rest of this entry »

Live Thread: Cavs @ Celtics, Game 3

April 23rd, 2015 by David Wood

LeBron James returns to Boston for playoff ball tonight. It’s his first time there for such an occasion in three years. His last performance at the TD Garden was one for the ages. With the Miami Heat down to Boston 3-2 in 2012, LeBron had to perform on the road to keep the Heat’s championship run alive. He put up 45 points, ripped down 15 rebounds, and handed out five assists with just four turnovers in 45 minutes of action. The Heat won that series and eventually the title.

Will he be able to repeat that performance? The circumstances are certainly different tonight. The Cavs lead the series 2-0 and should come out on top when the series is over. The Cavs have beat the Celtics by 13 points and eight points in the first two games respectively, but they have yet to be totally dominant for 48 straight minutes.  Read the rest of this entry »