• Live Thread: Cavs @ Celtics
  • Recap: Bulls 104, Cavs 88 (or, Skunked)
  • Live Thread: Cavs vs. Bulls (#MLKDay)
  • Not a Recap: Denver 124, Cleveland 102 (or, Winter March to Zion)
  • Recap: Jazz 115, Cavs 99 (or, That Was Much Worse Than It Looked On Paper)

Live Thread: Cavs vs. Heat (#GrinAndParrot)

Welcome to the new year, Cavs fans! Let’s hope 2019 brings some more consistent play, since the 2018 portion of the schedule was for the birds. Speaking of puns about feathered friends, the team welcomes former Dub, Patrick McCaw to a new roost in time to take on the (hopefully less hot pink clad) Miami Heat to kick off a four game home stand. The 6’7 guard might not do…


Who Matters? Part 2

As 2018 comes to a close and the Cleveland Cavaliers approach the halfway point of the NBA season sporting the league’s worst record, now seems like a good time to revisit the question we asked before the season began; who on this team matters in terms of the Cavaliers’ future? This is a question that can have more than one answer, as some players may not matter in terms of…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Hawks

Winnable game alert: the Cavs are 1-1 versus the Hawks and the Hawks (like the Cavs) are on the second night of a back-to-back. Of course, this Atlanta team now includes one of the NBA’s best sophomores, John Collins, and is 4-1 in their last five. They also play at the NBA’s fastest pace… Hawks are 1 st in NBA in pace 106.07, 3rd in TO'S forced,16.9- 4 bath in…


Recap: Miami 118, Cleveland 94 (Or, An 80s Induced Haze)

I was too optimistic in my pregame prediction of the final score. The Cavs were, it appeared, suffering from an 80s induced haze caused by the Miami Heat’s throwback jerseys and court. It’s either that or the zone defense Spoelstra had the Heat in all game long. Whatever the cause, Cleveland could get absolutely nothing going all game long. Sure, there were bright spots and blips on the radar sprinkled…


Live Thread: Cavs vs Heat (The Forgotten)

Well, when was the last time that these two teams faced off and LeBron James was not featured on the either roster? I’ll tell you. It was Tuesday, March 11th, 2003. That was almost 16 years ago. It’s a brave new world in the two cities. One not centered around the frenzy that was The Chosen One. What does that world look like? One full of injury, apparently. Cleveland is…


From Distance: Looking for Fun

four point play…. 1. I’m not going to lie, Cavs fans. This season has been rather difficult for me. It’s not as though I have been sinking into a permanent state of basketball depression as much as it has been a boring march towards apathy. Knowing full well that a tanktacular season could have been in store, I tried to prepare myself for the upcoming doom. Like many people, I did…

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Not A Recap: Grizz 95, Cavs 87 (or, U-G-L-Y… You Ain’t Got No Alibi)

The above video is a compilation of the cheerleader routines from the 1986 film Wildcats, starring Goldie Hawn as a coach of an inner-city high school football team. The movie itself was not pretty, being widely panned by critics and audiences alike. Yet, it was still probably more watchable than last night’s game. Despite my initial best intentions, I was not able to catch this contest between the Cavs and…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Grizzlies (#BoxingDay)

After a quiet Christmas Day off, the Cavs kick off a three game, year ending road trip tonight in Memphis against the Grizzlies. Last season, the wine & gold swept the season series with the Grizz, but to have a shot this year, they need to come out swinging… or at least defending better than they did in their previous effort against the Chicago Bulls. The primary bright spot for…


Christmas Wishes

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Q Not a creature was stirring, not even Coach Drew; The nets were hung on the baskets with care, In hopes that some basketball soon would be there… But not this year Cavs fans… and, probably not for a while, barring anything unforeseen. After four years of Christmas Day games involving Cleveland, this one will be ornamental. There will be no…


Recap: Chicago 112, Cleveland 92 (or, Holiday Blues)

The Holiday Blues started at approximately 7:20 PM, December 23rd for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and included a healthy dose of Holiday Orange in the guise of Cleveland’s “City Edition” Tide Pod unis. Those duds can now be officially retired after a 25 point route in the second half to the league worst Chicago Bulls. You read that right. Cleveland led this one by five at the half, and then played…


Live Thread: Bulls vs Cavs

Tonight at 6PM EST, the Chicago Bulls take on the Cleveland Cavaliers in what could be the most important game of the season for these two teams. The losing team of this game will take the lead in the race for the 2019 first overall draft pick. -ATrain#nba #basketball pic.twitter.com/yL9ZpNeur2 — Basketball Tip Off (@BBallTipoff) December 23, 2018 Happy Christmas Eve Eve, Cavs fans. If you watched the Browns dismantle…