Recap: D Leaguers/Geriatrics: 98, The Greatest Team EVER (according to the Spurs announcers): 114

April 22nd, 2012 by Mallory Factor II

This was a pretty close one (albeit pretty boring with a lot of terrible shots).  It was basically exactly as you’d expect: Jamison shot a lot, Kyrie played well, blah blah blah.  I will say this: I’ve seen a lot of regression (and very little forward progress) from most of our young keepers.  That’s a pretty worrisome sign.

The Good:

Jamison – Scored 21 (on 8-20, but whatever).  An audition for next season?

Kyrie’s 3rd Quarter (on offense) – ‘Rie started pretty slow, but picked it up in the 3rd and brought the game pretty.  Also, a quick note – Kyrie’s athleticism was on full display in this game.  He had a monster block in the first quarter that was negated by a Manny flagrant foul and even dunked the ball.  Awesome.

Manny Harris – Oh Manny, if only you could play like this every day.  5-10 shooting and was actually +4 for the game (he and TT were the only ones with a positive +/-).  He even played some decent D.

Danny Green – He was +16, shot 5-8 (3-5 from downtown) and played great D.  WHY THE  ^%#$ DID WE LET HIM GO?!?!?  I realize Grant got us Kyrie, but the Green move has to be one of the more boneheaded ones in recent memory.  Let a talented guy go for no reason when you have so little talent on your team.  Yeah.  Great idea….

Casspi’s D – I actually liked what I saw from him on D for a lot of the game – he was rotating off his guys nicely and played pretty tough and close.  Maybe we’re finally going to get something out of him?

The Bad:

Our 4th Q Lineup – At one point in the fourth, when the game was within 7, the Cavs had a lineup of Walton, Samuels, Gee, Sloan, and Casspi on the floor.  I’m assuming I don’t have to say how that worked out…

Gee – His play has really fallen off of recent.  He was 3-7, played average D, and was MINUS 23 for the game.  I realize this is one of the best offenses in the NBA, but isn’t this guy supposed to be our defensive stopper?

TT – He still can’t finish (other than one monster dunk) and had an especially difficult time with Dejuan Blair.  How such a big (in terms of body mass) guy can’t just slam it home every time is beyond me.  He was getting pushed around by guys substantially weaker than he is.

The Spurs announcers – These guys are such absurd homers it’s disgusting.  I actually muted the game pretty early because I could tell they just wanted to gush about their team – that’s fine, but doing it at the expense of a very bad one (“The spurs really haven’t had a challenging games in weeks, which is something they badly need and likely wont get tonight” is an approximation of something I heard very early in the broadcast) is pretty low.

San Antonio Advertising – One ad had a local injury lawyer reciting the NBA recording laws.  Really FS Southwest?  There was another laughably bad one about cars or something, but I forgot to write down what it was.

The Rest:

Adding insult to injury, the Austin D league team killed the Canton D League team in the playoffs today (90 to 68) to advance in the playoffs.  Screw you Texas!

Did I mention that TP and Manu only played for a combined 43 minutes?  And Duncan sat the entire game???  Yeah, we’re not very good…

Seriously, the Spurs announcers have to be the most annoyingly cocky announcers in the NBA.  I turned the sound back onduring the game just in time to hear them say, verbatum, this quote, as the Spurs took a 20 point league late in the 4th quarter after keeping it close most of the game: “Oh, I wanted to say earlier, it was only a matter of time, you just knew..It’s just an onslaught.” ARGHHHHHH

Well, three games away from what is likely the most important offseason for this iteration of the Cavs team.  Tomorrow the Cavs face the playoff bound Grizzles.  This is my recap of the season, so I just wanted to say it’s been a blast.  Keep on the lookout for a whole bunch of podcasts in the upcoming weeks and months.  Until then my friends…