Links to the Present: April 20, 2012

April 20th, 2012 by Colin McGowan

In a column that detailed which rookies he thinks have the most potential, ESPN Scouts Inc. analyst David Thorpe ranked Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson at one and two, respectively. The piece is Insider-only, but if you’re a subscriber, you can find it here. I wonder about the scouting instincts of a guy who characterizes Ricky Rubio, at his current age, as “a nice bench player,” but, y’know, it’s a conversation starter.

And the Cavs will make a decision on whether or not Anderson Varejao is going to play again this seasonĀ sooner rather than later. An interesting mini-revelation from the linked article: Byron Scott says he would love to shut down both Irving and Varejao, but he knows they’re too competitive and would like to play. Good to know Scott’s got his head on straight when it comes to the risk/reward of playing these guys late in a meaningless season.