Links To The Present: January 12th, 2009

January 12th, 2010 by John Krolik

-Windhorst on how Andy has effectively stopped flopping defensively and replaced trying to draw charges with going straight up and contesting shots, which I don’t think I consciously noticed this season but is amazingly obvious when you start thinking about it.

-Very sad news about Ohio State product Michael Redd, whom Cavs fans coveted for many years. He was so much fun to watch, especially offensively; he had real elegance as a scorer. Hopefully we haven’t seen his last slingshot lefty three.

-Slate with the other side of the Gilbert Arenas fiasco.

-Golden State Of Mind informs the world that Monta Ellis had his shot blocked five times last night. In the third quarter.

-Andrew of WFNY with a post defending Mike Brown. I think I’ve made it fairly clear to regular readers that I think MB’s tremendously underrated. Bottom line is that people will always say that Mike Brown runs a bad offense, because he’s willing to live and die with the ball in LeBron’s hands and, just as importantly, lots of people say that Mike Brown runs a bad offense and it’s an opinion that’s become accepted. It’s shorthand for “I know basketball things,” even if it’s not necessarily true.

-Bethlehem Shoals has returned to Fanhouse, and his first column, dealing with NBA linguistics, is a good one.

-Great, my monitor is dying. This won’t end well. Until later.