Recap: Spurs 125, Cavs 90 (Or, 8.8% chance of Anthony Davis, 8.8% chance of Anthony Davis)

April 3rd, 2012 by John Krolik

MVP: The 3-headed monster of Tony Parker, Patty Mills, and Danny Green, who combined to score 58 points on just 34 shots from the field and 3 total free throws. Parker was able to live in the lane all game, and Green and Mills couldn’t miss from the outside, which allowed the Spurs to completely torch the helpless Cavalier D despite minimal contributions from Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan.

LVP: The Cavs’ defense, which allowed the Spurs to shoot 59% from the field and 47.8% from 3-point range. They had no idea how to stop any pick-and-roll involving a center, which every team in the NBA runs, and the Spurs were able to get wide-open 3s, layups, and easy trips to the foul line all game long. An absolutely pathetic effort from Cleveland’s defense.
X-Factor: 109 of San Antonio’s 125 points came from inside the paint, outside the 3-point arc, or at the free-throw line — the highest-efficiency scoring areas in basketball. In other words, the Spurs would have won this game by 19 points if they’d missed every single one of their mid-range jumpers. The Spurs have always been great about understanding where high-percentage shots come from, and the Cavs’ defense was powerless to stop them.
Turning point: The game was tied at 16 midway through the 1st quarter before the Spurs went on a 16-2 run to end the quarter, which the Cavs never came close to recovering from.
That was…ironic: Danny Green, who the Cavs decided to cut from their awful, awful, awful basketball team last season, is looking like a true NBA ballplayer for the Spurs. He plays smart, he hits open threes, and he’s a do-it-all guy on both ends of the ball. Playing with better teammates in a better system is certainly helping Green, but that’s still no excuse for a team as pathetic as the Cavs to have cut a promising 24-year old player go.

It may be too late to go into full tank mode, but I’m still semi-hoping for a Kyrie shutdown. All this season did was prolong the period before watching this team became absolute and total misery. Now that Kyrie has hit the rookie wall, there is no joy here. Miserable offense, miserable defense, miserable everything. Abandon all hope, unless that hope is for a miracle Anthony Davis lottery win. I mean, if it happened last year with the Clipper pick, it can happen this year, right?