The Official Manifesto of Cavs: The Blog

Greetings world,

Welcome to Cavaliers: The Blog. It’s like the Cavaliers, except it’s words on the internet. My name is John Krolik. I’m sheriff of this here neck of the interwebs. My basic information is helpfully labeled in the top-right; for here, I love the Cavaliers, I write, and my email is

In all seriousness, here are the goals for this here site, which I reserve the right not to meet:

-Recap every game possible (I have league pass, but I also have other responsibilities) in a comprehensive and enlightening manner-stuff you hopefully wouldn’t just get from reading an AP recap or a box score.

-More than just report pertinent news like injuries or trade rumors or struggles, but try and provide a perspective on them you won’t get anywhere else.

-Do our best to provide a subjective but fair spin on the team, somewhere in between major-network sterility (darn you, journalistic standards!), and knee-jerk reactionism (OMGGGGZ HOW COULD U NOT SAY THE CAVS AREN’T BETTER THAN THE JORDAN BULLS MAYBE U SHOULD STOP EAST COAST BIASING AND REALIZE THAT BOOBIE IS DA MAAAAAAN!)

(Sidebar: This is not to suggest that we do not believe Boobie is the man.)

-Give you off-day stories that make you laugh, see something differently, provide you with argument fodder for your friends, and more than anything are just fun to read. Brian (formerly of YAY! Sports NBA and currently of Brian’s Thoughts About Airplanes) is even going to be dropping in every now and then, so you know we’re going to have a great time.

-To provide a community that can make you feel like you’re just outside of the Q even if you’re thousands of miles away.

-To avoid using cliches, except when necessary, as it was with the last bullet point.

-To get a banner at some point in the future.


If I saw a Girl Wearing This, I would Propose on the Spot.
If I saw a Girl Wearing This, I would Propose on the Spot.

I’ve spent some time as a journalist. Journalism is great. But for this project here, I’m putting on my creative writing hat to bring you stuff you won’t see anywhere else, but more than anything this blog is written by someone who loves this game, loves this team, and knows them both like the back of his hand. Hopefully that’ll allow me to tell you some new information, but most of all I want all of us to have a great time. Stick around-it’ll be worth your time.


John Krolik

Founder and Grand Viceroy, Cavaliers: The Blog


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