Links to the Present: Post-Deadline Edition

March 16th, 2012 by Colin McGowan

“As another trade deadline came and went, Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant sat before the media collective and discussed his most recent bout with franchise yoga. After weeks of unrolling the team’s proverbial mat, discussions of potential poses and the deflection of all distractions during the methodical inhales and exhales, the team left its second consecutive trade deadline more financially flexible than when it arrived.” [Scott Sargent]

“People will inaccurately assess this trade by looking at how it benefits the Lakers, instead of looking at how the Cavaliers benefit from it. I don’t particularly care if it filled one of the Lakers’ biggest needs — it got the Cavs some valuable assets. All I know is that the Cavs had little to no use for Sessions and were able to get something for him. As a side note, look at the rest of the league at the trade deadline. Did you see any other point guards getting traded? No. Not a single one. There clearly wasn’t a huge market for point guards, so if you think the Cavs could have gotten “significantly” more for Ramon, you’re just wrong. If the deal was out there, they would have done it.” [Conrad Kaczmarek]

“Yes, it was a good trade. Ramon Sessions deserves to be a starting PG in this League, and now he will be. I know he tried that once in Minnesota, after playing for the Bucks in a reserve role behind Mo Williams, and that didn’t go well for him then. But, there’s no denying that he’s improved his game dramatically in the seasons that followed here in Cleveland, and he turned himself into a player you’d trade a first round pick for in the process.” [Brendan Bowers]

“The Cavaliers believe the trade will benefit them long term. But for the next six weeks the Cavaliers must settle on a backup point guard to spell Irving, who’s averaging 30.9 minutes per game. Among rookies only Detroit’s Brandon Knight (32.1 minutes) is earning more playing time. (Minnesota’s Ricky Rubio was drawing 34.2 minutes before suffering his season-ending knee injury.)” [Tom Reed]