Here We Go.

February 13th, 2009 by John Krolik


But it’s become a possibility. According to some rumor mills and some message-board scuttlebutt, Amare could be a Cavalier before the end of the trade deadline. (All message-board scuttlebutt courtesy of Windhorst is on it too, although he’s got a more pessimistic point of view about the realities of the situation. 

What’s the deal on the table?

Right now, it looks like the deal is Wally’s expiring contract and JJ Hickson plus a first round pick. That’s more or less what’s been discussed, although the Cavs adding Delonte West with the Suns adding Goran Dragic would work out, as would an add-on package of West and Snow for J-Rich. (RealGM says so, but there might be some weird stuff with J-Rich’s contract and I’m still not sure how the Snow situation works.)

Why is this possible?

Amare is a free agent in the summer of doom, but he’s been vocal about his desire to sign an extension with a team he gets traded to this summer and put his roots down. Basically, he wants wherever he is after the deadline to be his long-term destination. And Portland appears to be out of the running, which basically makes the suitors the Kings, Thunder, Bulls, and Cavaliers at this point. Of those four, only the Bulls and Cavs are not awful (although Westbrook, Durant, Amare, and Jeff Green would be something to behold offensively), and only the Cavs are a contender. And they’re a big-time contender, plus they have that James fella. And we have the big expiring contract and a rookie deal, which means cheapskate Robert Sarver will save as much money as possible. 

Just For The Record, How would you feel about this trade?

OH MY GOOD GOD. THIS WOULD BE AMAZING. Amare’s stock has fallen, but remember that this could be one of the best offensive players of ALL TIME. Here’s the list of players who scored as much as Amare Stoudemire with as high of a TS%:

Kevin McHale

Charles Barkley

That’s it. That’s the list. His ability to score in volume with efficiency is unparallelled. And he prefers to work from a pick-and-roll instead of a post-up offense. LeBron happens to love running the pick-and-roll. If teams trap LeBron, you’ve got Amare setting up for a wide-open 18-footer, which he’s as good at as anyone in the league, or rolling to the hole, and watch out for that. They would be absolutely bananas offensively. There is no ceiling. This is a 26-year old forward who would play perfectly off LeBron James who was a top-3 offensive player last season. I can’t even…oh God, this would be amazing. I can’t even write anymore. Nothing will be announced until after the all-star break. Open thread below. I’m shaking. Longest weekend ever coming up.