Fear The Power of Rankings

December 28th, 2009 by John Krolik

(Full disclosure: Above picture first seen in a basketball-related context on Sactown Royalty, so far as I know. But like the Mona Lisa, I believe something this grand cannot belong to only one being; it belongs to all of mankind. And cat-kind.)

So anyways, I missed this while I was linking you up with the present this afternoon, but after the Christmas day game and Baron Davis’ buzzer-beater, the Cavs have gone ahead and leapfrogged into the #1 spot on ESPN.com’s power rankings. Not bad for a team who’s had growing pains with their biggest off-season acquisition, is bringing three former starters off the bench, and seems 10-20% less dominant than they did in last year’s regular season.

As Cavs fans everywhere prepare to turn their calendars and officially enter into the (calendar) Year of Judgement for the franchise, remember that as 2009 ended, the Cavs were at the top of the heap. It doesn’t count for anything of course, but maybe it’s pretty to think that it does. Until tomorrow, everyone.