Links To The Present: December 22nd, 2009

December 22nd, 2009 by John Krolik

Two quick clips from last night’s game to get everything started:

-LeBron got’s assist of the night for his dime to Andy in the fourth. In real-time, I’ll admit that I didn’t even notice he threw that between J-Rich’s legs. Whoa. (Video via Ball Don’t Lie)

-Also via BDL, here’s the video of Delonte’s “I love this game” and-1. I watched this a bunch of times.

-You think the Kings are going to be a little pumped when the Cavs play them on Wednesday?

-From Cowbell Kingdom: “[Evans is] no longer ‘Reking havoc anymore. He is just Havoc.” That is awesome.

-FreeDarko on Darko, FreeDarko.

-Apparently coming soon: TMZ Sports. Hmm. Considering how they scooped absolutely everybody on Tiger Woods-related business, seems like a natural enough leap. It’ll be interesting to see what this ends up becoming: could be Deadspin on steroids. (R-rated language in Deadspin article.)

-Via Bright Side of The Sun, Steve Nash credits about half of the Cavs’ points last night to points off of Suns turnovers or complete defensive breakdowns in the half-court. Sounds about right, honestly.

-Quote of the Recap from Valley of the Suns: “Not a single question was asked of [Shaq] in the Suns’ locker room that I heard, and J.A. Adande wondered when Shaq not being the story is still a story in the Daily Dime’s lead story.”

Until later, campers.