Things To Get You Through A Bad Off-Day

February 9th, 2009 by John Krolik

It’s never fun to suffer through that off-day after a loss, especially when Pavs is now apparently out for 4-6 with an ankle sprain (did Larry Hughes curse the team as he left?) Here are a few quick notes to get some space up:

-The recap will be late tomorrow, as I’ll be going down the street and masquerading as a real reporter for SLAM.

-The Cavs did have a better day than Chris Brown.

-Mostly I’m posting this to put up the thing that saved my day yesterday:

We all know MIA is a C:TB favorite(that’s how we talk here-we don’t have a moment to spare), and even a performance of last summer’s song while she was extremely and uncomfortably pregnant would have been okay. BUT THEN THE STAGE OPENS UP AND THEY’RE DOING SWAGGA LIKE US THE BEST SONG EVER WITH A BLACK AND WHITE FILTER ON AND EVERYONE’S WEARING SUITS AND THROWING DOWN. I thought there was no chance of this-I’m shocked that they let ‘Lil Wayne or Kanye perform without the presence of Estelle or Robin Thicke to cancel out their threat. This was absolutely unbelievable-Paul McCartney came on next and I was let down.

This was also pretty freaking cool:

Fight On, Radiohead. And congratulations, Grammy committee, for making Coldplay your “edgy” choice for us young people. I’m not sure if there’s any major award I don’t hate at this point.