Links to the Present: February 20, 2012

February 20th, 2012 by Colin McGowan

“[Tristan Thompson] just did a good job. He was aggressive. He was going after the ball offensively and defensively. He was being very active. That’s the one thing about him; if we can continue to get him to do those things, he’ll be effective like he was tonight. I’m not saying he’ll have double-doubles every night but he’ll be effective.” [Byron Scott via Tom Reed]

“TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal cautioned fans not to put too much pressure on guard Kyrie Irving. O’Neal said it’s not fair to compare Irving with former Cavs star LeBron James. ‘What LeBron did was fabulous, legendary,’ O’Neal said. ‘He’s good. There will never be another LeBron, how he did it. He was a born leader. Kyrie is also a leader. (I’m) not trying to take anything away from him. I just urge people not to put too much pressure on him. This guy is on the right path. He’s a coachable guy. He’s a great team player. If Cleveland can make one or two moves this year and next year, they could become a respectable team again.'” [CBS Sports]

“Casspi was solid during his first two seasons in Sacramento, but has struggled mightily in Cleveland. He has appeared unsure of himself and been shaky on the court. Not long ago, he admitted he’s thinking too much instead of just playing — and it shows. Too often, Casspi wears the confused look of a man who has been standing in the rain for hours, only to learn he’s at the wrong bus stop.” [Sam Amico]

“On Sunday night, in a the one-point win over the Sacramento Kings (one which Byron Scott deemed ‘lucky’), the ball finally fell in Thompson’s favor as he recorded 15 points (on 6-of-10 shooting) to go with his 12 rebounds (seven offensive), one steal and three blocked shots. The first double-double of his young career, Thompson was able to display his potential in a ‘remember me?’ moment, one typically lost in the shadow of his running mate who continues to set Cleveland ablaze with his ever-improving point guard prowess.” [Scott Sargent]

And the Cavs have elected not to extend Ben Uzoh’s 10-day contract. Fare thee well, Ben. You are in heaven now, setting screens in practice with the angels.