LeBron Might Return to Cleveland, Sharks Might Sprout Legs and Wage Holy War upon the Iberian Peninsula

February 16th, 2012 by Colin McGowan

“LeBron on playing with Cavs again: ‘You can’t predict future…If I decide to come back hopefully the fans will accept me.'” [Brian Windhorst]

“Not that I’m around him every day, but today was the most contrite I’ve heard LeBron since he left. Amazed what he said about Dan Gilbert” [Jason Lloyd]

“LeBron on Dan Gilbert: ‘He said what he said out of anger. He probably would want to take that back but I made a mistake too.'” [Brian Windhorst]

“LBJ on if he could ever play for Dan Gilbert’s team again: ‘Dan is not the coach. I’ll play for any coach. Let’s see what happens.'” [Jason Lloyd]

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