Links To The Present: December 8th, 2009

December 8th, 2009 by John Krolik

-To begin with: Brian Windhorst with an early-season roundup of what the Cavs have been doing this season. I disagree with him on the offensive impact Shaq has had, especially when the numbers seem to indicate he’s really been disrupting the flow on that end, but he’s spot-on about everything else, including Shaq’s better-than-advertised (and, for me, expected) defensive impact.

-Finnian, along with just about everybody else, is not a fan of the dancing. Awesome, another mini-controversy. Look, I hate watching the dancing as much as everybody else, and think it absolutely sends the wrong message, but I’m not the one playing. He’s a grown man, and it’s his right to make himself look how he wants to. This is also not a new thing for LeBron. My last thought on this: can anybody else imagine a controversy that revolved around LeBron actively and consciously making himself less palatable in the eyes of mainstream America?

-Stuff like this Rockets broadcaster yelling at referees is the kind of thing that makes people so eager to believe a guy like Donaghy. What makes it worse is that this incident doesn’t seem all that ridiculous coming from a local color guy. As someone who’s had league pass for a little while, I can tell you that complaining about calls is a pretty common broadcaster pastime, and it takes away from how their viewers end up seeing the game.

-On a related note, I rarely link to the mothership, but TrueHoop’s posts completely debunking many of Donaghy’s claims are a must-read.

-Great stuff from Eddy Rivera of Third Quarter Collapse using some very slick Synergy Sports analysis.

-Finally, check out BlazersEdge for some wonderful coverage of a terrible situation. Be thankful for the team you have, folks. See you tomorrow.