Links to the Present: February 3, 2012

February 3rd, 2012 by Colin McGowan

Here are a couple of previews for tonight’s game against the Magic from Conrad Kaczmarek over at FTS, and Bob Finnan of the News-Herald.

“We’re getting into what we call late-clock situations way too often. Our pace of play has to be faster. The way we want to play and the way we want to get the ball moving from side to side and then look to attack means you have to get the ball up the court a lot faster.” [Byron Scott via Jason Lloyd]

“New players are exciting, whether for one team or the league as a whole, and it’s in the NBA’s best interest to promote those guys whenever possible. Irving deserves to get in on the merits, too, with 18.1 ppg and 4.9 apg in only 28.8 minutes as the Cavs battle for a playoff spot. He’s only going to get better and play more, and the league should take advantage of his budding stardom as soon as possible. Hype only seems stupid when a player’s success peters out — Irving’s not going to get to the point for some time.” [Eric Freeman on why Kyrie Irving deserves to make the All-Star team]

“Cavs rookie guard and leading scorer Kyrie Irving said having the imposing Howard clogging the middle won’t keep him from playing his normal game. ‘I will be throwing that ball almost as high as the shot clock, I’ll tell you that,’ Irving said, laughing. But he actually does have a plan of attack beyond that. ‘Playing against great shot-blockers, you just have to catch them off guard sometimes,” Irving said. “You know, stop-and-pop. I love going in (the paint), but once you see Dwight Howard, sometimes you stop-and-pop, sometimes you make the easy pass to your teammate and let him make the play.'” [Sam Amico]