Links To The Present: November 30th, 2009

November 30th, 2009 by John Krolik

-Articles on Delonte’s “return” by Bill Livingston and Bob Finnan.

-I’m late on this, but Kelly Dwyer on the FreeDarko podcast is absolutely spellbinding. Absolutely worth a listen, especially for anyone who wants to actually try to do this thing.

-As some of you may know, I’m prone to liking certain players in this league completely irrationally. (Tarence Kinsey would be an example.) Sergio Rodriguez is at the top of that list, and I’m just beyond thrilled he had a huge night tonight. He’s on my list of “guys available for a song I’d love to see with LeBron on a 2nd unit someday.”

-Speaking of the Kings, here’s Cavs: The Blog favorite Tom Ziller on the Cavs’ struggle to fit Shaq into their offense. Most of the lineup data has been discussed in this space, and the Hickson-Shaq lineup was working before Shaq’s injury, but it’s an interesting read.

-Windhorst on LeBron’s improved shooting.