Preview: Cavaliers At Bobcats, 11/27/09

November 27th, 2009 by John Krolik

Relevant Statistics:

Pace: Cleveland 92.5 (20th) vs. Charlotte 89.6 (28th)

Offensive Efficiency: Cleveland 106.8 (13th) vs. Charlotte 96.8 (28th)

Defensive Efficiency: Cleveland 102.6 (11th) vs. Charlotte 97.2 (1st)


-Obviously, looking at those efficiency statistics for Charlotte, it’s pretty clear what this game will hinge on. If the Cavs can establish any sort of offense against this team, Charlotte probably won’t have enough scoring punch to keep up .

-Shaq will supposedly return today, which is great news. We’ll see if the starting lineup will be as dangerous offensively with Shaq as it has been with him out of the lineup. But even if that lineup does lose a little bit of punch, having Shaq on the floor later in the game should keep the offense from going through dry spells.

-Defensively, the key for Cleveland is going to be to stop Charlotte from using all three of their playmakers (Felton, S-Jax, Diaw) in tandem with each other and make Charlotte play one-on-one basketball. If they do that, theĀ  Bobcat offense won’t be able to do much.

-Here’s a chance for Cleveland fans to look at what they missed by not getting Stephen Jackson.