Links to the Present: January 11, 2012

January 11th, 2012 by Colin McGowan

“It would have to be an unbelievable person to get back/ I look at him as one of the guys you look at and say ‘He’s not going anywhere.’ I just feel that strongly about him and what he means to this team.” [Byron Scott on the prospect of a Varejao trade]

“Varejao, 29, has three more seasons on a priced-to-move deal worth $27 million. The Cavaliers likely could get a first-round pick and perhaps a young center in return from some club looking for a valuable reserve post man. The Brazilian would have been in demand last season as well if he had not torn a tendon in his ankle in a Jan. 6 practice. With injuries piling up, Scott recalls talking of how they could ill afford to lose Varejao on Jan. 5.” [Tom Reed]

“Cavs GM Chris Grant seems to be the kind of GM who likes talking to other teams and keeping a firm finger on the pulse of the trade market. As well he should. It’s important to know what kind of interest there is, not just for Varejao and other trade targets such as Sessions and Jamison, but for every player on the roster. The only way to make a fully informed plan on how to best rebuild this franchise is to know the value of the assets you hold.” [Andrew Schnitkey]

“The 7-foot, 240-pound Erden played 17 minutes in the Cavs’ 113-105 loss at Utah on Tuesday. He was the first big man off the bench for the Cavs (4-5, 1-3 on their seven-game road trip). The Cavs are intrigued by Erden’s skill set and length. He’ll likely take forward-center Samardo Samuels’ minutes on the second unit. The 25-year-old Erden has been injured with one ailment after the other since coming to the Cavs in a trade with Boston on Feb. 24, 2011.” [CBS Sports]

And here’s a video of that disgusting spin move Kyrie Irving put on Al Jefferson last night.